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How to Find Love

In today's society where life is about so many other things than finding love - career, travelling, personal goals - and where more and more people lead hectic lifestyles, finding love has become synonymous with finding a rare treasure. Finding true love in an age where divorce seems imminent is almost like finding the Holy Grail. Still Hollywood keeps showing us true love does happen and we’ve all bumped into couples that seem over the moon to have found each other - even thirty years after they first met.

So are there any proven techniques for how to find love? Well, those who have found it seem to agree on a few points, both for finding and keeping love. We've listed them below, both for men and women.

Women Looking for Love - Tips for You

If you are tearing your hair and screaming "Find me real love!", don't worry. Here are some proven techniques for women in search of love.

  • Create a life you love - decide to treat yourself and your body with respect; stand up for what you want; and follow your dreams. This is a turn on for anyone you want to be dating.
  • Get out and mingle - whether networking events, courses, dance classes, or concerts, start getting out and meeting people. Even if you are recently single, and it seems like an epic effort doing anything on your own, it will pay off. You will socially become more confident, you will make new friends, and you'll have a greater chance of meeting love.
  • Sign up for online dating sites. Statistics show that many people today find love this way and with millions of people using it, chances are rather larger of finding someone special.
  • Accept that you will kiss a few frogs before finding a prince. Don't get disappointed. Go on dates because it's fun, not because you need to find someone.

In short, love dating, love your life, love exploring new things and you will find love.

Men Looking for Love - Here’s What to Do

New love comes easily… or does it? Here are a few pointers that will help you find love.

  • Get socially active. Women find men who have a fulfilled life a lot more attractive.
  • Start working on your career goals. Most women are attracted to men who are driven. It’s not about how much money you make, but rather that you are moving in full speed towards your dreams.
  • Learn how to flirt with women - how to show your interest without coming on strong. Say what you want about pick-up skills, but if you read a few books about it, you will start understanding a bit better what women are attracted to.
  • When doing online dating, make sure to ask someone out as soon as possible. There is no point wasting time writing messages back and forth for too long as you won’t know if you have real chemistry until you meet in person.
  • Date women who are looking for the same thing you are. No matter how attractive someone is, if they aren’t waling in the same direction you are, you will walk away form each other.
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