Online dating tips for single men

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Free Online dating tips for men

There are things to bear in mind if you want to be successful when it comes to online dating, so we have gathered some dating tips for men.

First of all, you need a great profile, free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

A great profile describes you accurately and let’s your personality shine through, without you for that matter writing a long essay. Keep it fairly short, but personal.

It’s vital you keep your profile positive. Single women are looking for happy men. Men who are doing their best to live their dreams, even if they face obstacles. This means you aren’t moaning about what you don’t like in life, and what you don’t want in a partner.

Profile pictures are also important - people should find out a great deal about your life when looking at the pictures. They should see some of the things you love - from what you’re passionate about to your fabulous social life. There should also be one close up so they get to see your face properly. Make sure someone good with a camera take the photos as well so it shows you off in your best light.

First Date Tips

Tips for online dating also need to include tips for offline dating as the whole point with online dating is to meet in real life. And the sooner you meet, the better. At a bar you wouldn’t need to talk to someone for hours to know you want to meet them for a date, and it’s the same online. Tell them you’d rather find out if you have real life chemistry than waste time talking online and ask them out for a coffee, or drink.

The reason you want to go for a quick drink, as opposed to dinner, is that there’s less pressure. No need to entertain someone for hours. And you don’t want it to be romantic yet as it’s really just a first meeting.

If you tend to get nervous, grab coffees to go and walk around town together, or visit the farmer’s market, or a Christmas market together. That gives you things to talk about.

We tend to suggest you see most people at least twice before you make up your mind about them. Why? Because some people have superficial charm which might be only too easy to fall for, whilst others have hidden charms that only come out in a second meeting.

General Dating Tips for Single Men

Online dating tips should also include some overall dating tips that help that manly charm of yours come out to play!

Modern gender politics can be a minefield, but it doesn’t hurt to have some old fashioned manners — especially on a first date. Although women can open their own doors, it’s a nice gesture to open them for them. It shows, not that you think them incapable, but that you care.

Don’t come on too strong. Most women like their men to have a slight air of mystery and have a busy life they’re happy with, so try to strike the balance of being interesting without throwing yourself at her feet. After all, what kind of man gives in to a woman that easily?

Listen. You’ll probably be so busy thinking of things to say and worrying that you don’t have something in your teeth to actually listen to what she’s saying. Men not listening – really listening – is a big bugbear for a lot of women. Do this one easy thing and you could just bag yourself a second date.

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