How to Meet Single Men

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How to Meet Single Men

How to meet men you will actually hit it off with? It’s the question almost every woman wants the answer to, so we’ll try to point you in the right direction…

First of all, get socializing. Not in the hopes of meeting a man, but in the hopes of leading a happy life. Happy women are attractive. Being social also means you’ll get better at interacting with men, flirting and having fun. And who knows, you might actually meet a man on a social event. Just don’t go out only to meet men as it will make it less fun. Go out to meet friends. If you meet men, it’s a bonus.

Secondly, get online. There are millions of men online. The first one you meet might not be Mr Right, but you will have tons of fun dates. Online dating sites offer more single men than any one bar. It’s an opportunity not to miss.

Thirdly, attend singles events. Most people have figured out they up the odds of meeting someone if they go to events singles attend. Cupid offers some of these events, so be sure to check them out!

Meet Single Men Online

Do you want to meet men over 20? Men over 30? Men over 40? Men over 50? Good news - Cupid has them all. So how do you meet them?

Well, you create a profile. A good profile shows off your personality, but isn’t so long that people get bored reading half-way through. It is free of spelling mistakes and the grammar is solid (copy and paste from Word if you’re worried about making mistakes). It is also positive to talk about what you enjoy and what you want from life and a partner. In other words, no moaning. If you’re facing obstacles, always present them as challenges that make you stronger.

A good profile also has good profile pictures - photos that show off you and your life. Upload at least five to show your social life, your career, your passions, what you look like when getting dressed up to your nines and so forth.

Not great with words and photography? Get a friend to help you.

How to Meet Good Men

What’s the best way to meet good men? Ah, the multi-million-dollar question. Ready for the answer? You’ll meet all kinds of men - the more options the better. The true question you need to answer is: how do you pick a good man?

Are older men nicer? Are rich men nicer? Are outwardly successful men nicer? No, not necessarily. Older men might have had more experience, but it all depends on what they learnt from the experience. If someone’s rich they likely have a successful career, but is it satisfying? Same thing applies if you meet successful men - are they successful at living a life they love, or are they just successful in the eyes of society?

What you are truly looking for is a) someone you’re genuinely attracted to b) someone who treats you nice c) someone heading in the same direction you are. That’s a good man. To find all this out takes time. Always go on two dates with someone before you either disregard them, or fancy yourself into them. If you’re into them, take your time getting to know them in different situations. Only then you will know if they’re a good man.

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