What is a Promo code?

A Promotional (Promo) code is the 'code' that allows you to get money off or receive extra benefits.

What Benefits the Promo code Gives You

By using the Promo code you can get:
  • Special offers and features for Free such as free 24 hour access, VIP in search, free contact and more features that let you increase your popularity on the site;
  • A discount on membership price or having your membership extended for free;
  • A fixed sum to spend on Cupid.com.

Where to Get Codes

You can get Promo codes:
  • in offline adverts (e.g. in magazines, club promotions, transport ads.);
  • on Cupid.com for your activity on the site:
    • by taking part in polls, surveys or competitions announced on the site;
    • by receiving our site emails where we will occasionally offer you special codes. For example, by completing your profile 100%, by taking part in Chat Rooms, for receiving a high 'Star' rating or for having the largest number of comments or blog posts etc.

How to Use a Code

Type the code into the Promo code box on the Home Page, My Account or at the Payment Page.

After you've entered the code you'll see a confirmation message saying the code has been accepted and indicating the benefit the code gives you.

If you are entering the code to get a discount, make sure you upgrade your membership by taking out one of our membership packages once you've entered your code. If your Promo code gives you full access to the site or certain features for FREE, payment is not required.