10 Ways to Make a Break Up With Your Girlfriend Easier for Both of You

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A break up can be a tragedy for one person and liberation for the other. If you have firmly decided to dump her, use these 10 ways to make things easier for her and for you, too.

10 break up advice tips to get it over smoothly

Surely, there is no easy way out, unless she is willing to dump you, too. However, if that’s not the case, these tips will help you to avoid breaking her heart down completely.

1. Don’t make it long



You may be wondering how to quickly dump the girlfriend, and the keyword here is “dump”. Make it quick. If you have made up your mind, there is nothing to wait for. There will never be a ‘good time’ to break up. So, just go for it and do it. And once you break up, do not give her any hope of getting back together, unless you want it. It’s over, and it stays that way. Make it clear.
It may sound like a piece of a very cruel advice, but it’s not true. If you give her hope, she gets stuck in her life unable to move on. She keeps thinking up the ways to get you back, and that hurts and humiliates her. So, put an end to it.

2. Be honest

At first, honesty hurts, but it saves one much pain in the long run. So, if you are ready to break up and get over with your fiancé, tell her that. Stop finding excuses or telling lies. If you are into someone else, first settle your relations here. Cheating is awful. It hurts you, and it hurts her terribly. So, just be honest to tell her your feelings are over, and you love someone else. Leave and then love.

3. Stop all the communications

Once you break up with the lady, do not text or call. If you two meet, be friendly, but not too nice. Anything that gives her a false hope is cruel. So, do not like her photos or posts on Facebook. Do not tweet her or text on the phone. Do not ask your friends to say “hello” to her. Just cut it.

4. Be sensitive


Pick the right moment. Surely there is no right time to tell someone who loves you that you dump them, but… some moments are worse than others. For instance, she cooked all day and set up a nice meal for you with candles. It’s not the right moment. Pick a neutral one. Do not ask her out on a date to tell it. She may spend time doing herself up or buying a new dress for you. It’s mean to break up like that. Avoid all kinds of romance and just set up a meeting to settle things.

5. Do not break up over the phone (or text)

That hurts. You have been enough into her to ask her out to dates and possibly even have sex with her. Now be respectful enough to let her look you into the eyes and see there is nothing left there for her.

6. Answer her questions

Having no answers may hurt. So, give her a short time to ask you some questions and understand why you two are breaking up. And be honest in your replies. This would help her to sort things out faster.

7. Do not blame her


It’s NOT all her fault. There are always two people to blame, so be willing to take up your share of the guilt. You two had some happy moments; now it’s time to share pain and guilt.

8. Prepare the speech

Do not rely on “inspiration”. It will fail you. So, think through what you may tell her ahead of time. Get some ideas of how you would react, if she starts crying or blaming you, or begging to give her the second chance. This would help you to be kind to the girl and avoid getting angry.

9. Plan your escape


If you two live under the same roof, arrange the moving out ahead of time. Pay all the bills and make arrangements for your things to be moved out timely. Find a place to stay. If she has to get out, stay with your friends until she does. That would help you to get a clean break up without having to be together all the time.

10. Write down your reasons

Do not be too emotional. You may break up in a hurry and then regret it. Even if you make up, later on, that would not be the same. So, first take your time and write down all the reasons why you want out of this relationship. She might be manipulative, cheating, disrespectful, not your match, whatever. Measure before you cut, so to say. Take few days to think these over. Listen to your heart and find out what you feel about her. Combine reason with emotions and make a conscious decision. You do not need to tell her all these reasons. You may spare her feelings, but YOU have to know why. Now you know how to break up with the lady.

Once you become ready to do it, these tips would help you to get over it more easily. Do not expect for a break up to be a quick and painless event. It’s a process, and you both will hurt going through it. However, you can be kind to another person. After all, she is still in love with you and that counts. There are not as many people out there, who care, and she does. She certainly deserves you to take steps and make the break up as easy as possible for the girl!

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