10 Ways to Survive Christmas if You’re Single

Christmas for Singles

Holidays can be rough for single people. Whereas you may not feel too lonely throughout the year, Christmas often serves as a stark reminder that you’re “alone”, what with all the joyful families, prying questions, and noticeable absence of presents under the tree. But it doesn’t have to be. With these 10 ways to survive Christmas if you’re single, your singlehood can take a refreshing spin on the ice without falling flat on its face and breaking a tooth.

Fun at Yourself

Let's Have Fun

1. Poke Fun at Yourself

Any comedian will tell you that the best way to fight the haters is through self-deprecation. It’s much easier to handle your eternal aloneness if you have a sense of humor.

Take Bridget, for example. After her parents cut her out of the family Christmas card, as the only single child in the group, Bridget went on to make these hilariously “lonely” Christmas cards, which she sent out to all her friends and family. Who has the last laugh now?


2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

When Tina Turner sang about respect, she may have mentioned that self-respect is just as important as demanding respect from others. While it’s fantastic to have a sense of humor about yourself, don’t take it too far and start demeaning who you are and the choices you make. If others start to give you guff for being single, inform them that you haven’t met someone worthy of you yet. You respect yourself and aren’t willing to lower your standards and settle, just to be in a relationship.

Being Single

3. Being Single is Your Prerogative

You may or may not be single for a reason. Remember that if you’re single by choice, you don’t have to explain yourself; neither must you pretend to be, if you’re single by circumstance. So if you’re cornered by your nosey aunt Myrtle, don’t feel you must humor her. Try to keep the answers to her twenty questions light or get off the subject of your singledom if you’re uncomfortable with it.

angry kid

4. Don’t Be Bitter

I have a single friend who always grimaces when she sees the slightest PDA (holding hands, kissing, etc.), not only on the holidays, but at any time of year, simply because it reminds her that she’s not one half of a couple. My advice to her about this bitterness can be applied to all aspects of life: don’t compare yourself to others. Once you realize you have your own journey – which is unique and unlike anyone else’s – and others have theirs, then you can easily avoid the ugly green Grinch of envy.


5. Don’t Eat Away the Pain

Drowning your sorrows in sweets is NOT the answer. Remember that you’re going to have to work all those Christmas calories off in the new year…or buy a whole new wardrobe for your newly fabulous 20+-pound-heavier self. If you care about your health, step away from the pile of cookies and look to better ways to take the edge off.


6. Don’t Drink Away the Pain

Which reminds me – drowning your sorrows in spiked eggnog is not the answer either. Often excessive drinking is a side effect of singledom on the holidays, but remind yourself that a dozen Christmas cocktails is a bit much. Even if you’re not an angry drunk, you’re livelier sober – or just a little bit tipsy.


7. Don’t Cave to the Pressure

If your family is putting the weight of the world on your shoulders – wanting to set you up with the neighbor or any other single they know – don’t cave to the pressure. Unless you want to go out with one of the gents or ladies they suggest, remember that you are in charge of your relationship status.

Love Yourself

8. Love Your Relationship…with Yourself

You do have an incredible person in your life – yourself! Shower yourself with love and affection and remind yourself that you are, in fact, enough. You don’t need another person to “complete” you.

gift it

9. Gift It

In the same vein as loving yourself, you might also consider treating yourself. Be a generous partner, and give yourself the gift you’ve always wanted. And the best thing is, you won’t have to guess at what that is!

Alone at Christmas

10. Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Put on your favorite Christmas carols, decorate the tree, watch 24 hours of A Christmas Story, volunteer at your local food bank, and remember that Christmas isn’t about the fact that you may or may not be dating; it’s about joy, love, and generosity. Follow these 10 ways to survive Christmas if you’re single, and you’ll be sure to enjoy a happy holiday season, all-around!

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