Check 5 Types of People to Avoid in Relationship

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I’ve decided to write about the above subject due to a particularly poignant encounter with one of the below types…a real tapped habbidan. I won’t go into detail however this has really reminded that you are not the only people in need of a hand when it comes to pairing up. Every type of person below is based on somebody I’ve either met or unfortunately still have the misfortune to know. Prepare to be saved from some horrendously time sapping mistakes.

The Lad Monster: this woman will seem more lady than your best friends and at any given hint or perceived hint of interest will follow you to your grave. Lured in by faked common interests such as football, lager and ‘checking out other women’. Luckily these traits are found in many other women, however, in this particular specimen they are all false and the sociopathic nature of the facade will drop faster than Lewis Hamilton’s stool the second you find out you’ve been trapped.

Look out for: friends with seemingly uncommon interests, constant reference to bacon, beer etc, lack of knowledge of the subjects they’re ‘into’ and passively discarding the use of said knowledge.

The Pretend Mental: ‘Quirky’ ‘kooky’ and ‘unusual’ were the ‘compliments’ she revelled in at high school and through College and from then on basically. These types have defined themselves by pretending to be genuinely edgy. They will attempt to drag you down to their level of pedantry with micro-analytical hatred of others.

Look out for: super overly dyed hair, habitual lies (think pretend illnesses and history), giggling at seemingly ill-fitting adjectives describing common nouns or verbs.

The Cataloguer: this is one species which may appear harmless but may actually be the worst of them all. This woman makes lists (and not just mentally) of SPECIFICS of guys she wants in a long term partner. Now I know what you’re all thinking; ‘we all do that!’ To some extent that’s true, however, this type lures men into a guilt spiral after sleeping with them whilst also changing that person slowly into the plaything it wants. Unfortunately, a couple of friends of mine have had firsthand experience of this- they are sadly no longer with us…they’re not allowed out anymore and no longer resemble anything of the person we once know. Raise a glass, please.

Look out for: horrifically specific lists, constant remarks about how dirty/easy/independent it is sexually, no female or male friends, being hyper-dedicated about finding a relationship rather than who it is with.

The Big Show: this person is to be avoided more if you’re looking for a long term prospect however still to be treated cautiously and openly about the short term. The life and soul of the party! Every guy loves her and pretty much every woman (secretly or otherwise) hates her. Can be found in a monogamous relationship with a guy well below her hotness level but will tempt others into bed when she’s not around. A result of a decent background more often than not, attention is all it takes to make her yours.

Look out for: overt displays of inappropriate behaviour when sober or drunk, no/few female friends but many male, instant liking for you despite looking possibly well above your grade.

The Flipper: displaying many of the characters of a clinical psychopath, this person will draw in your interest and play on emotions expertly. This person will trap the victim into being ‘everything he wants’ by picking up on things said and mimicking. Once trapped, the victim is made to feel guilty for feeling the emotions she has purposely been eliciting and this can go on for years until she’s bored with him. This is one type of person who is mentally, emotionally and financially draining but still manages to make the victim feel insecure and secure at the same time before leaving for pastures new.

Look out for: huge interest one minute then almost instant indifference to your emotions, unusual requests and/or demands, mimicking interests, huge dedication to blatant lies, infidelity (although come on, that’s a deal breaker for anyone right?)

We all know about your stereotypical Psychos and Gold Diggers so there is no need to comment on them. All you need to do is look up ‘hyper-intense’ and ‘shallow’ in a dictionary although not a sex dictionary, you may get some weird results. Please be careful if you meet any of the types of people mentioned above and trust me in that they are a bad road to take. As always, happy wing-manning and stay safe.

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