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10 Signs You’ve Met Your Lifetime Partner

Is this it? Is he the man with whom you were meant to spend the rest of your days? Is she the woman with whom you want to build a life?

When you date a man or a woman, the feely-weelies and sickening lovey-doveyness at the beginning of a relationship can sometimes be cause for confusion. It’s hard to tell if you’re in the honeymoon period of a story that will end in broken hearts or if you’ve met your lifetime partner. The following signs will point you in the right direction.

1. He Smiles When He Knows You’re Looking at Him
You know how you can feel when someone’s eyes are on you – especially when it’s someone that you love? Well, your lifetime partner knows when you’re watching him, scanning his features, admiring his profile. And knowing this makes him feel good. It makes him happy. And he smiles, when he knows you are watching.

2. She Blushes When You Look at Her
There’s nothing more beautiful than a blush of crimson. This is because, according to the BBC, “Blushing can’t be faked, which makes it an excellent and trustworthy signal. If you really want to know what someone’s feeling, then look to see whether their skin color has changed.”

As an early sign of love and attraction, a woman’s blush may indicate that you’ve met your lifetime partner. If she loves you so much to care about what you think of her, then you’ve absolutely struck gold.

3. He Makes Every Occasion Special
A lame dude forgetting his partner’s birthday or a special anniversary is kind of cliché.
What’s not cliché is a lifetime partner hoping to make each one of your special occasions something to remember.

When you’ve found a man who wants to make special occasions beautiful and your every day brighter, then it’s safe to say you’ve found a man worth your while.

4. She Shows Up to Your Every Event
She trades shifts with her colleague to attend your city council speech. She never skips open-mic night, even when she’s tired and cranky. She is by your side whenever you need her support.

A woman who is willing to invest time into you and the things you love is a woman worth investing your own time in.

5. He is Your Shoulder to Lean On
Here’s the moment you really know you’ve met your lifetime partner: when he’s there for you not only in the best of times, but in the worst of times. And not only is he there, but he’s the emotional crutch you lean on – or even the physical one.

This is a vital sign of a man of real grit and strength and love. And a man who is sturdy enough to lean on is rare, so don’t take him for granted.

6. She is Your Rock
A woman who can see into your soul and know exactly what you need – whether it’s to talk or stay silent, to cry in her arms or nap on her lap – is the woman with whom you should spend the rest of your days.
This woman is the rock to grab hold of in a turbulent sea. She is steadfast and true. So, don’t take her for granted.

7. He Knows Your Every Mood
You’re mad, and he lets you vent. You’re sad, and he holds you. You’re hangry and – guess what? – he has a Snickers in his jacket pocket.

When your man is so in tune with your needs that he placates your every mood, you’ve met someone who will treat you right for life.

8. She Knows What You Like
You’re famished, and she’s cooked you a giant steak. You’re exhausted, and she’s queued up Netflix to a Narcos marathon. You’re hot, and she’s bought some sexy lingerie.

When your woman knows exactly what you like, you’ve met someone who’s on your level.

9. He Asks You to Marry Him
One sure sign of whether or not you’ve met your life partner is if the dude asks you to be his life partner.
I know what you’re saying: “Uh…duh.”

But the point is that a man who is willing to commit to you in this way is putting all his cards on the table. He wants to be your life partner. And hopefully…

10. She Says ‘Yes’
If all these signs are there, you’re a match made in heaven.
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