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15 Best Pick Up Spots in New York

Cupid, here. Not to brag or anything, but I’m the God of Love, and even I am sometimes intimidated by the City that Never Sleeps.

NYC can be a scary place. And when it comes to finding another god or goddess or even a mere mortal that floats your boat, psshhht, it’s even scarier.

Despite the fact that the city is populated by 8.5 million people and counting, trying to meet someone is hard enough work. So imagine trying to find the One.

This list is a good place to start. This list is sealed with Cupid’s approval, so follow my arrow below to fifteen of the best pick-up spots in New York.

1. Black Rabbit
If you’re looking for the class factor, this hip bar is the place to be. Many of the people who come to the Black Rabbit are performers, comedians, writers. Romantic and private oak booths allow you to shut out the rest of the bar and have a real conversation (and more) with the lucky lady or lad you’ve picked up.

2. Hotel Chantelle
Are you European? Are you a wannabe European? Then perhaps the 40s Parisian-style Hotel Chantelle is your cup of tea. With a hip underground dance club, to boot, you’ll definitely dance the night away with the partner of your dreams.

3. Boat
If you want to go where everybody knows your name, then this NYC dive/neighborhood bar, with its jukebox, snarky bartenders, and rowdy atmosphere is your pick-up spot. You’ll run into a crowd that likes the same.

4. Joshua Tree
Hot? Young? YOLO? Joshua Tree will serve you up beer on draft, ‘80s music, and enough guys and girls to hit on for an entire night.

5. Beauty Bar
This nostalgic retro beauty parlor/bar is for those who like a clean set of nails as much as they like a stimulating conversation. Hipsters, drinks, and stylish men and women sitting in salon chairs make for a perfect pick-up.

6. Niagara
Find yourself in the East Village amongst all the bros? Head to Niagara to find something a little less frat club and a little more interesting. Loads of different types wander into the waterfall that is this bar.

7. Houston Hall
If you’re into the bros, you’ll likely find plenty in this beer garden. This is the type of place where you’ll be playing beer pong, so if that’s not your scene, then skip it. If you’re a beer pong master, head West, young man, to the West Village.

8. Skinny Dennis
Skinny Dennis is a little more country than it is rock ‘n roll. People have a good time at this honky-tonk, which is packed to the brim always. If your style is cheap beer and country music, Skinny Dennis is the place to pick up. Good time, good people, good atmosphere.

9. Freehold
This bar looks a lot like a lounge, with TVs, game rooms, and a laid back “hotel lobby” atmosphere. The place is swank and attracts models. So if you choose to pick up at Freehold, bring you’re A-game.

10. Turtle Bay
New to the Big Apple? So are many of the newbies who head to Turtle Bay. The saloon spans two floors and is often packed with young people. If the college scene is your thang, master your pick-up line and head to the Bay.

11. Kinfolk
Hipsters here. I’m talking musicians, creatives, and the free-wheeling breed. Kinfolk serves up just the atmosphere for such folk to mingle, so if you’re one of these folk, this is your joint.

12. Harlem Nights
Rock, jazz, or soul, Harlem Nights serves up varied live music every night of the week. The club is a popular place, so get ready to strike up a conversation about music.

13. Planet Rose
Or you can be the music, yourself, at Planet Rose. This karaoke bar is always rocking, so if you’ve got some pipes, you’re sure to have admirers to pick up after you’ve sung your song.

14. Union Pool
Union Pool in Williamsburg was built for single people. There’s a photo booth and food truck. Good food and fun. So get to Brooklyn and give your pickup line a test drive.

15. Treadwell Park
Treadwell is another classy joint and fun for a hangout, if you need your wingman to boost your courage. There are game nights, ping-pong, and even a Monday BINGO night. So bring your pals and find your fun-loving soulmate!

Take your pick from the above New York pickup spots. Depending on your vibe, you might have better odds finding that perfect partner in some joints more than others. Whichever one you choose, Cupid’s got your back.

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