How to Win Date

8 Profile Photo Types Proven to Win Dates

Ever heard of the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”? In the world of online dating, this is certainly true. Your profile picture is the first impression people get. And it’s not just about your looks – there’s so much more a photo can tell them about you.

So let’s get started. Our friends at Pep Shot have put together these tips on how to create great profile pictures that will help you win all those dates!

How to Win Date

1. Smile

Nothing works better than a genuine smile. People smiling on their profile pics are consistently ranked as more trustworthy, genuine and attractive. Feel free to show your teeth – these photos perform even better. And if your eyes crinkle a bit, that’s great. Smiling with your whole face looks more sincere than smiling with your mouth only. A smiling shot is the best bet for your main profile picture because it’s welcoming and infectious.

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2. Be unique

Research shows that men and women who divide opinions – who some rate as “gorgeous” and others as “unattractive” – receive way more messages than people who are considered “quite attractive” by almost everyone.

So be bold and stand out from the crowd! Do you have a cool tattoo or piercing? A unique nose or great curves? Show them. Not everybody will like it but the people who are really into it will message you right away. They’re the ones you really want to hear from. Be proud of your individuality and you’ll see it will pay off.

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3. Be confident

Nothing is sexier than a confident person who is comfortable in their own skin. Even if you’re a bit camera shy you can still appear confident in your pictures.

Wearing the right outfit helps a lot. Choose one that you feel comfortable in and that you know you look good in. And here’s the trick: stand up straight. Pull your shoulders back and look straight at the camera. It’s a simple trick but it works.

And finally, when you get your picture taken relax, stop worrying and smile. You’ll be surprised how confident and alluring you will look!

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4. Show your hobbies

Your profile pictures can tell others a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Have a think about what you want your potential dates to know about you.

Do you have a cute dog that you spend most of your day with? Take a picture of you cuddling with it. Do you love to go hiking on the weekend? Show an image of you conquering a high mountain peak. Or are you a kick-ass guitar player? Then add a photo from your latest gig.

These types of shots give others the chance to get to know you. Plus, they are great conversation starters!

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5. Go outside

Whether you are using existing pictures or getting new ones taken, make sure they are taken outside. Natural daylight just makes you look better than artificial light. What’s more, you can make use of interesting backgrounds, which again, can be a great starting point for conversations.

Or you could blur the background – just make sure you’re in focus. This makes the picture feel more intimate and generates a deeper connection.

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6. Include a full-length shot

Close-ups are great but you should include at least one ¾ or full-length shot. Why, you wonder? Well, everyone’s a bit cautious when dating online. So if you only have close-ups, people might start to wonder if you are hiding something.

A picture that shows your body type makes you appear honest and open. Remember point 2, you’ve got nothing to hide, you’re awesome the way you are.

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7. Women – show your femininity

This one’s for all the ladies. Don’t be afraid of showing your sensuality and sexiness. Especially if you are over 30, it’ll make you stand out. A gentle pout or a hint of cleavage is very attractive, just don’t overdo it.

Add an image where you look ready to go out on a date. Put on your favourite fancy outfit and get your hair and make-up date-ready. After all, this is how your date will meet you in real life. And how about that gorgeous red dress of yours? Scientists found that women wearing red are perceived as more desirable and attractive. Wearing the colour red turns heads – use it to your advantage.

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8. Men – be mysterious and extroverted

Gentlemen, a great approach is to look thoughtfully into or away from the camera. This will convey a sense of mystery, and who doesn’t like a bit of that?

Even though group shots can be tricky, they can be a good way for men to show that they are sociable and extroverted. This is one of the top qualities that many women look for. Choose a picture where you are in the centre or with other people in the background. Just make sure you’re easy to recognise – we don’t want to play too much “Where’s Wally?”

So, there you go. With these tips, you should be all set to create an awesome and date-winning photo gallery for your online dating profile.

If you still can’t decide which pictures look best, enlist your friends and family for help! They know you, so they will be able to find the photos that reflect your personality best.

And then there’s nothing left to do but wait for all those invitations that are about to arrive in your inbox.


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