5 Blind date ideas in London

London and blind dating: How hard can it be? There’s only eight million people to choose from. And, although you can't see them up close and personal beforehand, there’s a healthy talent pool to dip into. Right? Not quite. Blind dates in London British aloofness dictates that...

London and blind dating: How h...

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4 dinner date Ideas in London

Tasty and hopefully tantalising, a dinner date in London is a good old fashioned way to get to know someone new. It might be fine dining or a bite to eat at your local café – whatever you fancy – a dishy date can be the order of the day. And good eye contact above and footsie under the table might be a welcome aperitif too!
So, with a meagre helping of around 5000 restaurants to choose from in London, just where do you and your date, plus rumbling tummies head for?


Rhodri Marsden: Dating Tips

He’s worked as an undercover musician and published a book about crap dates – which, incidentally, is called Crap Dates. So who better than Rhodri Marsden to take the helm this week as Cupid’s guest dating expert. Rhodri’s tips are essential reading for anyone planning to avoid a disastrous love-life, punctuated by bad dates and angry text messages.


Lucie Cave: Dating Tips

Cupid’s dating tips this week are from Lucie Cave, editor-in-chief of Heat magazine. She knows more than you about celebrity love-lives, and has written a wedding blog for Grazia. So whether you’re looking to make it to that second date, or just bag a first one, take heed.


Dating Legends: How to find a match, Pelé style

By Andy Moore Are you sitting comfortably? We hope so because hear this: Imagine if Pelé had the same dating brilliance as he did on the football field. Dazzling your date with such fancy footwork that they’d be left amazed beyond recognition. How about unleashing enough...

By Andy Moore Are you sitting...

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Jamie East: My Dating Tips

He knows a thing or two about Game of Thrones, can throw a song together, and has even been known to sing with The Beekeepers. But can Jamie East turbo-charge your love life with these 5 tips? My dating tips...

He knows a thing or two about ...

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8 Leeds dating myths, debunked?

As the fourth most populated UK city, now boasting around 751,500 people, Leeds apparently has no shortage of talent to choose from. Allegedly, 10 years ago, the North Yorkshire city used to sport 23,000 more women than men. The result? The female of the species could reputedly be more ‘date predatory’ than the male!


8 Bristol dating myths, debunked?

The historic Avon-straddling port of Bristol is no stranger to yarn, myth, and even a sprinkling of plain nonsense. From Treasure Island and comedy drama, Starter for 10, to the allusive ‘Bristol Hum’ and Christmas Steps Ghost, the city’s bridges and narrow streets have played host to many a colourful tale.


Dating Legends: Tips from Marilyn Monroe

Suave, sophisticated and certainly one of the most glamorous women of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe is hailed as a leading light in deciphering the language of love. Her credentials say it all: Starring in over 33 films (mostly romantics), the cool and classic Marilyn was...

Suave, sophisticated and certa...

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