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Practical First Date Outfits Tips for Women – To Wear or Not to Wear!

Does it really matter, what you wear on a first date? Does your clothing have any impact on how your boyfriend views you depending on whether you are dressed smartly or just neat? Read our tips and trips below to discover the best advice.

Don’t be too stressed out about your first date outfit. Of course, clothing is one of the best ways to make you look more beautiful and presentable. But in fact, it is only clothes. Labels and trends are less important. What really matters is how well your outfit sits on you and how good it is convenient they are.
It does not that matter what style you like. Your first date outfit has to be comfortable and easy. It should make you look more attractive but should not distract your attention from the primary goal of any date – from getting to know each other better. If the clothes are too tight, or something rubs or presses too hard, it will stress you out and hugely distract.

Find out what a girl can wear on her first date.


1. Dress or skirt
Yes, it’s trite, but old things and traditional ones are not necessarily bad. A dress makes you look very feminine. Most guys love it. they are getting a bit tired of women, who look like men. However, you better ask him about his plans for the date. If it is going to be something unusual, make the changes in your outfits accordingly.
For instance, it’s not good to go cycling or playing tennis in a short skirt or in a long dress! If you wish to look like a romantic princess, pick dresses with fluffy skirts, baby-doll styles or frills. Bright pastel colors accentuate your gentle personality.
Minimalistic style is very trendy nowadays again. Wear a simple Calvin Klein the white dress, add some big stone necklace or bracelets and you will look very fashionable.
Boho style will emphasize your creative personality. Flying fabrics, fringe and different ornaments can look unusual and fun, especially if coupled with big chic hat, hair ornamentation and a red wine style lipstick. The cocktail dress is convenient for a club party or a restaurant. However, for a late evening, long dress looks more posh.

2. LBD
It is a classic fashion and can be a great first date outfit for each girl. Add a nice pair of shoes, for example golden, red or navy blue ones, a little clutch and you are ready for a date. By the way, a little black dress can turn into a little white dress, which is the same universal and stylish.

3. T-shirts
It makes you look younger, and it is especially trendy with different styles of skirts, for instance, fluffy ones or asymmetrical. But be careful about slogans you have on it. It would be better to avoid any political or advertising brands. Choose something neutral, maybe floral ornaments or just with no picture.

4. Jeans


Stylists say women have to wear jeans the same way they wear a dress. A good pair of tight jeans can save any situation, but make sure they are not overstretched and look clean and fresh. Comfy heels, lovely feminine blouse, big chandelier earrings and-and you are ready for your first date.

5. Leggings
Leggings is a fun part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is universal and fits any body shape. For example, black leather leggings with a feminine top and a cute lipstick to unite the whole look will make you feel comfortable and amazing.

6. Bijou
Knick-knackery can define the whole outfit, but be careful with its number. A few cute rings, a pair of earrings or a necklace will be just right, so you would not look overdressed. Latest trends say you can choose these things from different kits, which creates a more fun look. Don’t wear expensive jewelry, though.

7. A purse
According to world stylists picking shoes and bags in one color is not very fashionable anymore. It is much more interesting to combine different styles and colors. However, you can make a great color couple from, your favorite red shoes and red lipstick.

8. Makeup


Don’t put on too much makeup for a first date, because most men prefer women to look more natural. Tons of foundation, fake lashes, and heavy shadows can scare off your potential boyfriend. Try to stay yourself instead to pretend being someone else.
Red lipstick can improve any bad mood and it suits any girl. You only have to pick the right tint. Beautiful long lashes, peach blushes, nice lipstick and clean skin is all you need.

9. Hair
This is one of the most powerful weapons of every woman, especially on a first date. It is just as important as your outfit. Many men like it clean, long and natural, with no awkward hairdo. However, they also appreciate it when your hair looks neat and well combed. It does not matter if you wear romantic curls, straight hair or a nice short haircut; it is still great if it fits you.

10. Shoes
They say if you wear a pair of elegant high heels, you can’t be ugly. Of course, high heels look very feminine, and most men pay attention to your amazing legs. However think twice if you should choose those beautiful sky high heels and walk about 10 minutes. Maybe you should wear something more comfortable and be ready for any turn of a date.
High heels are good when your boyfriend has a car, and you surely know you will visit some restaurant and walk just a little on a red carpet. When you are on a first date, you should think about your partner and not about the next bench, where you can finally sit. Wearing a pair of comfy shoes will make you feel more relaxed and confident. You can have a nice walk through the city, go dance to the nightclub or play active games.

11. Length
Try to avoid showing off too much skin. Super short skirts or too sheer fabrics may not be the best choice for the first date. So try to stay natural, more like you used to look in your daily life.
Now you know what should every girl wear on her first date. Boys don’t notice how trendy you look, but they analyze what you wear. Your clothes are your personal branding, and it tells a lot about you. Details are important because they help your partner to get to know you better. So when you go on a date, try to look natural, don’t be overdressed. You should stay relaxed and happy and not worried about your first date outfit. Try to find out what kind of date your future boyfriend is planning. If it is an active date, wear suitable and casual clothing. If it is an evening date, pick something formal. Coco Chanel told that there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones.


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