How and When to Kiss a Girl for the First Time: The Ins and Outs of the Process

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You got only one chance to make the perfect first impression. That’s why first kisses are so important, and we get so nervous doing them. There are at least two conditions for the best first kiss: it’s when you do it and how you do it. Let’s get some tips.

When to kiss a girl?


1. There is no perfect time!
Surely, if you like the girl, you would want to kiss her right away. And that desire would last and grow with every moment, from date to date. Some dating coaches are trying to figure out when is the perfect time, but there is no such thing. Every date is unique.
Two unique people meet, with their desires, background, principles and aspirations. There is no way to go by the book here. So, stop looking for that perfect time. It never comes! That’s the best advice you can get.

2. The end of the first date
There are several reasons why you may want to do that so early in your relationship. As a rule, one date is enough to understand if you are into her or not. You got the answer. It might be: yes, I just love her, or well, she is Ok, and I’d like to see her again.
In any of these situations, you want to know her honest opinion and reaction. You do not want to get too involved emotionally or invest financially paying for the dates with the girl while she is not into you! And the first kiss can provide the accurate and precious information.
So, do it anyway. Kiss her to watch her reaction. If she pulls away or turns her cheek to you, well, she is not interested. Surely, a shy girl may do these things, too, but she would not show any signs of dislike.

3. When you see, she is ready
How do you do that? Watch her body language. It is very indicative. If she wants a kiss, she will draw nearer to you. It’s the major sign. Kissing a girl who never touched you or leaned toward you during the whole date is madness.
She will touch your hand or arm during the conversations or “accidentally” touch your feet with hers under the table. Watch for such things. She may also look at your lips when you talk or lick hers.

4. Experiment
Start early in the date. First try to put your hand over hers, when you talk. See how she takes it. When you walk or sit side by side, try to touch her back or arm. Do not go to the most appealing zones of her body, though. Try to hug her a bit and see how that works. If she responds positively, it’s a sure sign you may kiss her at the end of the date.

5. Ask her
What is the surest way to know, when kissing her is right? Just ask her. When you are parting, ask her, if you may kiss the girl!

How to kiss a girl?


Once you know when to do it, figure out how to make the first kiss memorable.

1. Maintain the eye contact
This is very important. First look her in the eyes and then shift your gaze to her lips. It’s a very romantic gesture.

2. Put your hands around her
The key rule here is not to go down. You do not want to touch her butt (surely, you want to, but can’t!). Not just now. The first kiss should be focused on your and her lips and emotions. Women hate it when men kiss them for the first time and allow other things to happen during that special moment. It’s not a sexual kiss, remember that. It’s sheer romance.

3. Do not use your tongue
This is the absolute NO for kissing the lady for the first time. It’s the first thing girls name when asked about the lousy kissers. Save it for later. Just lips!

4. Make her kiss you
How do you do that? Use your body language to show her you want it. Flirt with her and playfully tell her you to want it.

5. Make it quick
The first kiss should not last more than just a few seconds. You are sort of testing the waters. She does the same thing. So, withdraw after just a few seconds and leave. Make her want to get more of you. This way you get the lady thinking and even possibly dreaming about you after you leave.

How to prepare for the first kiss?


There are several things you can do to make it a success. If you do not get prepared, you may ruin the whole experience.

  • Oral hygiene
    All has been said and done here. But, it still remains important, and guys still forget about it! Maintain it!
  • Foods
    Avoid eating smelly foods a day before the date or during it. Garlic, spicy foods, onions, fish, and spinach – all these foods either smell strong or stick in your teeth.
  • Pay attention to your lips
    Lip care products are not designed just for women. Dry lips with cracks and crust on them are awful. So, in the morning brush your lips using the toothbrush. That will remove the crust. Use lip balm to keep them moisturized and prevent cracking. Drink enough water to stay hydrated and prevent crust on the lips.
  • Body smell
    If the chemistry is right between you two, the girl will like your natural body smell. So, do not overdo it with the cologne. But make sure to take the shower before the date and put on fresh clothes.

These tips on kissing for the first time are helpful. But there is one essential element missing – courage. A guy has to summon up the courage and kiss the girl!

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