How to Initiate a Kiss with Your Girlfriend

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Kissing isn’t rocket science, but initiating that first smooch can make it seem as difficult. You love her lips, but how do you approach them? They’re goddesses, and you’re a mere mortal. Do you ask if you can kiss her? Or do you take charge and steal a kiss? Of course the method of approach largely depends on the girl you’re with, which we’ll discuss in the following tips on how to initiate a kiss.

Ask & You Shall Receive

Ask and You Shall Receive

This may not be every girl’s fantasy, but in my own experience, some girls – particularly those who like a gentleman or a dude with a bit of gallantry – find it charming when a guy asks before he swoops in for the kiss. This takes the pressure off a bit, because you know for sure that she wants to kiss you…if she agrees, that is. Then, all you have to do is move in and lock lips. You’ll likely both be smiling, because you were so sweet to ask for a kiss, so watch out for the teeth-clank!

Take It If You’ve Earned It

Other girls like a take-charge man. They don’t want to be asked; the question will ruin the heat of the moment. Of course don’t just grab any random girl off the street and force her to kiss you – this advice only pertains to consenting relationships. But if you’ve earned it and she likes this style of initiation, there must be heat. So heat it up: pull out all the kissing tricks you know. Put your hands on both sides of her face. Lock her in with your eyes – if you can start a fire with your look, it will only make the kiss hotter – and bite her bottom lip a little with your teeth. If you haven’t tried it and you’re not sure how your girl will react, initiating a passionate kiss like this may just spice up your relationship, so give it a shot! Read also – 15 Types of Kisses and What They Actually Mean.

Slow Motion

Slow Motion

If you’re looking to make a move on your girlfriend for the first time, try a slow motion approach that builds the anticipation and romance. You can do this quite simply through compliments, subtle glances at her lips and eye contact. Then break the physical barrier by touching her arm, hand, face or wherever you feel comfortable. If she seems receptive to this, it’s time to go for the gold. Lean in and kiss her gently. Then open her mouth a little with yours and let nature take its course.

Make Her Do the Work

Make Her Do the Work

We’ve talked about how to initiate the kiss, yourself, but we have yet to talk about how to make your girlfriend kiss you. You’re not the only one who wants to play tonsil hockey, so let her do the work. To give her some cues that you want to kiss, face your body towards her, focus on her intently, demonstrate your interest in what she’s saying, and break the touch barrier by brushing her hand as you laugh or playing with her fingers. All of this will entice her. Reel her in with a look, and you may just have her hooked. By heating her up and then not initiating, you’ll force her hand.

Not everyone responds to these approaches in the same way, so you’ll need to experiment a little. Try out all of the above methods to initiate a kiss with your girlfriend and see which one works for you!

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