Is It a Good Idea to Date Your Best Friend?

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Should you date your best friend?

You may have started having stronger feelings for your best friend recently, but the big question is can best friends date? The general school of thought is that you should leave the feeling buried and just get on with business as usual. But this is far from fulfilling, and what is to stop you from having an open conversation about your feelings? We are here to guide you into this situation and how to tell if this is all worth it. We have some useful tips for you and how to make that transition from the friendly days out to the romantic easier.

Signs you should date your best friend

There are some tell-tale signs that you are ready to make the move from friendship to romance. These can be as simple as:

You have been longing for a deeper connection. You can know a lot about your bestie, but there is no deeper bond than two people in love.

You have started feeling romantical about them. It is super easy for one day your brain turns on a switch and suddenly you are attracted to your best friend. From there, it is a slippery slope to feeling romantical about them all the time.

You crave more time with them. At this point, you do not want company from anyone else but them! This can feel so heavy if they aren’t reciprocating and can cause some heartache.

You are getting jealous of other friends or romantic interests. You find yourself getting jealous of them hanging around anyone else that isn’t you. This especially applies if they have a new romantic interest and you find it unbearable to hear them talk about someone else in a lustful way.

Now if all of these ring true for you, then it may be time for you to start taking these feelings seriously and open yourself up to some best friend dates. Relationships with your best friend can be amazing, especially if they are approached correctly. So read on for some useful tips for dating your best friend.

How to get your best friend to date you

Now that you have established that you want to connect to your best friend on a deeper level, you now have to tackle the issue of putting this across. This may seem incredibly daunting, to begin with, but it is important to remember that you have feelings for a reason and this shouldn’t be shut down until you have explored it as much as possible.

Start off with honesty. Opening up the conversation and telling them how you feel will let them into how you are feeling and how this may have come about.

Next is stating your intentions and interests. This takes the conversation that one step further and allows them to be filled in on where you would like this to lead.

Accept the possibility of rejection. You may have the best interests at heart but this will not change how your best friend feels about you romantically. Now that they know they can think about it and explore it for themselves. However, chances are they will reject you during this initial conversation.

If you aren’t rejected and they are open to exploring things, then make your move from banter to flirting. This transition is such an easy one to make! The line is already thin between banter and flirting, so including more arm touching or suggestive jokes could really show your romantic interest.

Is it a good idea to date your best friend?

You may be thinking about this a lot at the moment, and this is completely understandable! It’s a big jump from friends to lovers and most don’t have the courage to go for it. You can’t deny your feelings and having the confidence will not only put you out there but will also help you to strengthen certain life skills such as independence. However, it is important to understand what you are getting into by wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Con: it could ruin the friendship that you have right now. If your attempt to make things romantic falls flat on its face then you may have ruined the friendship you already have. This may not be permanent damage but there will be an adjustment period for the both of you to get over the awkwardness. Just allow time to pass and try not to re-hash it!

Con: It is always to have a best friend and a relationship separated. Of course, your partner becomes your best friend, but you also have a best friend outside of this too. Combining these things could strain the relationship in an odd way. You always need that extra connection to lean on when you need support and putting your eggs in one basket could mean that you have nowhere else to turn.

• Pro: there is no need to start fresh as you already know them. The major perk of dating your best friend is that you already know all there is to know about them! You can completely skip the awkward first date where you are trying to ascertain if you like them or not, as a person.

Pro: to follow the previous one up, you already know that you enjoy their company and that you are compatible. You know that you get on with your best friend, that’s why you get on so well! You know you are compatible and that you like spending time with them, so there is no need to test the waters here with a weekend away.

Starting a relationship with your friend and knowing how to date your best friend can be scary and confusing, especially if you aren’t used to these sort of feelings. This romance may have come from nowhere or it may have always been there, but the important this is that you explore it as much as you can. If they are also open to trying things out romantically then you have reached the jackpot! But do brace yourself for some rejection on their part. For them, this has come out of the blue and they haven’t yet had a chance to think things through. Just remember their feelings along with your own so that you can go about this in a mature fashion.

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