Just Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

girls like bad boys

Why do women like bad boys? Read on to find out. Many men have found themselves wondering just what it is about bad boys that so many girls seem to find attractive. Studies have even found that men with colder and harsher traits get more attention from women than typical males. So why do bad boys seem to have all the luck when it comes to attracting the ladies? Read on to find out.

Are bad boys more physically attractive?

A study carried out by Nicholas Holtzman and Michael Strube of Washington University found that men with traits including psychopathy and narcissism tended to be more physically appealing amongst women. They were also said to be more “likeable” and “confident”, with more “attractive facial expressions”. But do girls like bad boys because they prefer their looks, or are there other forces at work?


It’s widely agreed that well-known men have more pulling power than those that don’t. Many previously unlucky male celebrities have claimed that their performance with women vastly improved once they gained fame. A study mentioned in the book What Women Want – What Men Want: Why The Sexes Still See Love And Commitment So Differently found that 40% of women said they would marry the least handsome man, who was dressed in a smart jacket and apparently a doctor. The author, John Townsend, said this showed women who were drawn to men who appeared “successful and confident”.


Powerful men with unpleasant traits may be attractive to women because of evolution. It’s thought that many women subconsciously look for men who will be able to protect their children and ensure they have the best possible chance of survival. Next time you see a seemingly unattractive older man with a young beauty on his arm, consider this.

A greater sense of fun

Bad boys tend to be more adventurous. Researcher on a 2016 Hospital Clinic of Barcelona Fernando Gutiérrez said some women regard bad boy types as “brave” as well as “independent and self-reliant”. This could tell women that the men in question had the genes to live dangerously without experiencing harm, saying natural selection had failed to weed out “dark triad” traits like impulsiveness. He thought that these could actually deliver an evolutionary benefit.

Why am I attracted to bad guys? Will it change?

Many women experience disappointment when dating bad guys in the long run. Over time, the power of the first impression tends to be diluted, and their coldness and ruthlessness can become far more problematic. This explains why so many women tend to have flings with bad guys but enter into long-term relationships and marriages with kinder, softer males. Nonetheless, it’s false to claim that all women are instantly drawn to guys with bad boy personality traits, with many girls only ever interested in gentler, less dangerous men.

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