Key Signs a Woman is Interested in You

How to tell a woman likes you

How to tell a woman likes you

If you’re looking for signs a woman is interested in you, read on. Some men lack the confidence to truly believe women are attracted to them even when the signs are all there and will put their flirty behaviour down to them simply being friendly. In this article, we will look at the key signs that a woman really is romantically interested in you.

Signs a girl is interested: touching

Has a girl been incredibly touchy-feely with you? Perhaps she taps you on the forearm when you share a joke together or seems to have ‘accidentally’ brushed herself against you on numerous occasions? If this is the case, there’s a good chance she is attracted to you. She might also ask you a large number of questions or seem to be looking for excuses to talk to you. You might catch her glancing at you when she thinks you are not looking and may be nicer to you than she is to others around you.

Flirting signs from a woman: remembering key details

When a woman likes you, she might remember detailed information about things you have told her in the past. She might send you links to things online that she thinks you might be interested in and may frequently check in to ask you how you are. Her messages might include numerous kisses and emojis, and her replies to your messages might be lengthy rather than short and to the point.

Flirting signs from a woman: laughing at your jokes

Various studies have shown that women tend to be drawn to men that make them laugh. There’s a very big chance a woman likes you if she even laughs at your less amusing jokes. She might also tease and make fun of you in a light-hearted way and may play with her hair, necklace or clothing when she is talking to you. She may also draw attention to areas including her neck and shoulders. Women that find you attractive might lean in when they are speaking to you, and their feet might be pointing directly towards you. She may also remove objects that are between you such as cups or phones so there is no barrier between your body and hers.

Taking their time to compose messages

Today, it’s possible to see when someone is actually typing a message when using services like Messenger. If dots keep appearing, disappearing then re-appearing, she may be taking her time to compose the message to ensure it’s just right. She may reply to your messages very quickly and accept your offers of doing something together socially immediately. Although these signs a woman is flirting with you don’t guarantee she’s interested, there’s a big chance she wants to take things further if are frequently spotting them.

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