How to Kiss Step by Step – A Guide on How to Become a Better Lover

man and woman kissing on sunset

Do you want to become a great kisser? Kissing is an amazing art. However, there are some things you have to know about kissing to make it feel perfect. Read this guide and learn how to kiss your date.

Step #1 First kisses: how to start kissing step by step


Start slowly
Kissing is a very fun and pleasant process, and it’s the central part of the love foreplay. Your date might be nervous as well so try to stay calm. Otherwise you may do things awkwardly. It has to be slow and sensual, no rush or panic, just let yourself feel the partner. Move slowly and stay relaxed until you understand that both of you are ready to go on.

Pressure (it should be right)
Pressure in kissing is an essential characteristic. Some people like to kiss extremely aggressively. They push their date to a wall or press their lips so hard that can bump at date’s teeth. It is better to leave it to the next step when both of you are ready to act more passionately. However being too shy is a bad idea either. Your kisses will feel lifeless with a lot of fears and less passion. Try to think about kissing as of handshake: it should be neither too vigorous and painful nor too weak and limp.

Get some practice
If you want to practice at kissing, and no one is around you, try to kiss your arm. And it doesn’t matter how weird it might look. If you want to get this confidence, use all the available ways to get trained. So press your lips to your arm like you kiss someone. Do it first strongly then softer. This way, you can figure out the right amount of pressure. Of course, it is much better to practice with a real person, who will not judge you or laugh at you. Maybe you can find a newbie just like you willing to get more practice at it.

Leave the tongue out for now
Many young people make a common mistake by using their tongue too actively. It is better to use it less at the first step, to make your kisses gentler. Instead of putting your tongue into the mouth of your partner, try to experiment with different ways of kissing using the lips only. For example, kiss your date with a slightly opened mouth or open it widely, pout your lips or interweave them with the lips of your partner. Different kinds of pressure and moves of lips – this is the magical art, that you will learn with no doubts.

Step #2 How to kiss when things get hotter


• Time for more
The second step is getting more active. What was too much in the first part is needed here. Don’t forget about the eye contact. Kissing is a pleasant game, so play with your partner. At first, you two enjoyed being gentle with each other; now you can get more passionate. For instance, you can hug your date more passionately and kiss with more pressure. This is the right time to kiss more aggressively and to use your tongue. However, it is still better to avoid jabbing deeply into the mouth of your partner. Feel the moment and start with gentle tongue caresses. You can kiss, lick your date’s lips or even bite them gently. If you both like it, go for it.

Body language
Try to use all your body to make your kisses even more passionate and unforgettable. It feels so good when you stroke your date’s head, back or arms. Touch their chest; take their face into your hands to make it feel more intimate. When your lips get tired, you can move to the neck, ears or the whole face and then back again if you want to. She will show you with moves of her body where she wants to be kissed.

Jokes are good at kissing too
Don’t take kissing too seriously. It’s just a process that allows you to get closer to each other and to take your communication to the next level. So try to tease your partner while kissing. When your date is absorbed with the process, pretend you want to give her the next kiss but don’t do it. Look into her eyes with a smile or bite her lower lip gently. You can stroke her mouth with your fingers and play with her tongue – kissing is just a fun dialog between the two people, so avoid making it boring.

Step #3 Forget all about the techniques and just kiss


• The magic of kissing is to forget about all the advice and to make it pleasant for you two. It is such a great moment when you haven’t kissed yet and just look at each other. Both of you are so excited. All your attention is focused on your date. Don’t try to skip first steps and to get faster to something more intimate. Enjoy every moment and every touch. And don’t bother to analyze what you do, just enjoy!

The best way to smooch properly is to feel your partner. There can’t be any particular tutorial that suits each person in the world. All the people are different and all they have different likes and dislikes in kissing. Try to find out what your date is responding to the best. Listen to what she says or what sound she makes. Maybe she wants you to be very tender with her or she likes it rougher. And don’t think you will have great moments with all the people you kiss. You have to find your loved one and to enjoy this incredible chemistry of kisses.

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