Learn How to Say Sorry to Your Girlfriend

apologize to your girlfriend

How to make your girlfriend forgive you

The first step towards appreciating how to apologize to your girlfriend is understanding the degree to which she feels hurt. If you’ve forgotten an anniversary or a birthday, you certainly have leeway to make up with your girlfriend with a belated gift, or even better, a surprise dinner invite. How to apologize for lying to your girlfriend? This is a bit more serious in the overall scale of degrees of apologies. If this was a one-off, perhaps a white lie to protect her feelings, then it should be easy enough to express your regrets. But if you have told a much more harmful lie, you’ll need to remedy the situation before it escalates. Once you gain a reputation for untruths, being untrustworthy is the next increment down that slippery slope. Here your apologies must be utterly convincing and meaningful. If you’ve been flirting with one of her friends, or worse still, you’ve been unfaithful, you’ll need to do much more to say sorry to your girlfriend. The latter situation would require a frank confession, accompanied by sincere groveling.

Why you should always say sorry face-to-face

Many individuals wonder how to apologize to a girl through text. Again, because there are gradients of contrition, you can get away with such an informal method of communicating your excuses in certain situations; say you embarrassed her in a social occasion, or were rude to her sister. But for the bigger issues, the best way to apologize to your girlfriend must always be in person. This way she’ll be able to read your expression and determine your sincerity. A text or email might come across as half-hearted.

What are the cute ways to apologize to your girlfriend?

While candid admissions of guilt are fine, it’s also worth contemplating how to make you with your girlfriend using more imaginative ploys. In the modern era of text messaging, Skype calls or WhatsApp messages, putting pen to paper will conjure bygone days of romance. So when you’re looking for things to say to your girlfriend after a fight, writing your apology is one recommended alternative. Unlike a blurted out phone call, you can take your time, going through a few drafts (and many crumpled sheets) while you strive for the words which will win her heart back. How about being especially cute when working out how to make it up to her? Pop the ‘sorry note’ inside the second layer of a box of her favorite chocolates. Or better still. Scribe it in your best handwriting on scented paper, neatly roll it up, then feed it inside a little bottle to float inside the bath you’ve just run for her.

It’s important to know you are forgiven

In order to understand the most effective ways of how to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings, you need to appreciate the bigger picture. Sure, it can be easy enough to claim to have admitted your error, backed up with a bunch of hastily purchased flowers. But has your candor been acknowledged? Does your girlfriend accept your admission, or is there the remotest chance she is starting to lose her trust in you? If this is the case, no amount of earnest apologies will be able to paper over the serious cracks which have now appeared in your relationship.

Perhaps one of the most valuable pieces of advice is to think about how to say sorry to your girlfriend in a romantic way. Actions can often speak louder than words. So rather than fretting about your lacks of skills as a silver-tongued wordsmith when it comes to saying how sorry you are, treat her to a fabulous night out in an expensive restaurant. How about presenting her with tickets to her favorite theatre event, or to a weekend retreat? The scale of your apology will certainly help her appreciate how sorry you actually are.

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