Does She Love You? Get the Tips to Know for Sure If the Girl is Into You!

We all need to be loved back and wish to feel secure in relationships. So, men want to know for sure women love them before they take any actions. These signs your lady is fond of you will help you to take your relationship to the new level safely.

Does she love you? – 10 signs she does!


1. She cares for what you like
She knows much or tries to learn more about your hobbies or preferences in life. Pay attention to the gifts you get from her. Are those just some junk stuff she got on a sale or does she buy you something awesome?
She may bring over or cook the food you and listen to the music you like, etc. She may even become a fan of your favorite sports team. All these things indicate: she is into you.

2. She does not envy you
Some girls start a competition with their men. Instead of being happy over their success, they become jealous. That’s not love. So, how to find out if the lady cares? She rejoices when you are doing good and become more and more successful.
Try and tell her about your promotion at work or some other thing that is important for your and see how she reacts.

3. She touches you a lot
Women are mostly touchy. They love to express their affection through gentle and sexy touches. Does she do it to you? Is she happy when you touch her? Or does she pull back and rarely show any initiative to touch you? Watch for such things to understand her feelings for you.

4. She talks about you to other people
When someone is in your heart, you cannot keep quiet. Women are talkative creatures. If she loves you, all her friends would know about you. Do they? It’s a sure sign. If she keeps quiet, most likely she is not that into you. Try to spend some time with her friends and see, how it goes and what they know about you.

5. She talks to you
Women love to talk. A girlfriend that keeps quiet is suspicions. After all, she might be busy thinking of how to dump you. Sure signs your fiancé loves you are these: she calls you or texts you several times a day; she may contact you on social media and share about her day with you. When she talks, she opens up and shows her genuine emotions.

6. She wants to have sex with you
If the girl is in love with you, she would not wait long for the intimacy. How eager is she to have sex with you? Does she often say “no”? Those things should alarm you. Surely, people who are in a relationship for 10+ years may lose their passion, but if it happens while you date, she is not that into you. You are not her crush.

7. She listens to you
Mostly men tend to ask questions and miss the answers, but if a girl does that – it’s a sure sign she does not love you. (Surely, only if it happens regularly.) We all can be upset or get distracted time to time. But if she asks a question and never listens, well, she does not love you.

8. She loves how you smell
That’s how women are programmed to find their perfect match for mating. That is where the chemistry or the spark between you two comes from. So, if she likes the smell of your body and even of your sweat, she surely loves you. And you two fit together well in sex. That’s good news.

9. She views you positively
Negativity kills love. If she is into you, she views you positively and generally likes you. Inevitably, time to time we all make stupid mistakes, but most of the time she thinks you are cool and adores you.

10. She makes you her priority
Do you feel as if you were the key person in her life? Or does she always struggle to find time for you and fit you in between her friends and yoga? If the woman is in love, she makes her man the top priority in life. Surely, she still has her hobbies, job, friends, shopping, etc. But if you ask her to spend time with you or help you, she is there for you.

These 10 signs used together can help you to identify the true love or its absence in your girlfriend. If you are thinking about taking the next step of moving in together or even getting married, take these into consideration.

How to know if she is not that into you:

  • She avoids eye contact
    In this case, she either has something to hide from you or she does not love you.- She looks bored when you talk
    Pay attention to how she listens to you. A person in love enjoys the voice and words of her sweetheart.- She never laughs at your jokes
    Yes, some of them are dumb, and you know that, but if a girl loves you, she will laugh!
  • She prefers group dates
    You’ve been dating for a while, and she still asks out her girlfriends to your dates? There is something wrong with her. When people have a passion for each other, they can’t wait to be left alone.
  • She does not get done up for you
    What you feel, when you see her coming to the dates? Is she trying to look her best with the makeup, high heels and the best dress on? Or does she look pretty slack?
  • She does not accept or appreciate your gifts
    If she does not accept expensive gifts or does not appreciate what you offer, she is not that into you!

These signs will help you to know for sure and make an intelligent decision to avoid being hurt by the person you offer your best in life.

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