How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy – 10 Most Doable Ideas

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Some men get this ridiculous idea: making a lady happy is expensive! Someone said these amazing words: “if you wish to make a woman happy, follow the three big A: Affection, Attention and Appreciation!” It’s as simple as that! But how do you do that practically? These 10 tips will guide you through the process.

10 Secrets of Happy Couples


In most cases, there is one simple rule: a happy girl makes her man happy and vice versa. If your girlfriend is miserable… you are the one to blame for it! So, get the tips and fix the situation!

1. Give her quality time

It means that when you are with her, you are WITH HER. You are focused on her. You pay attention. You ask questions and actually listen to what she has to say! You turn off your phone. You forget about your friends! Yes, this can be challenging, but it’s free and effective! Women love to talk and share. If you love her, better get used to her having the major claim on your time and attention.

2. Make room for her

There has to be plenty of such quality time to make her happy. If you are having hard time fitting her into your schedule, stop and think. Are you really into her? If not, then why even bother and try to make her so happy? You cannot do that unless you love her!

3. Say something nice

Words are not cheap, if you really mean what you say. So, every day think up something nice to say to her. Text her often with cute phrases to make her feel special and happy.

4. Be the first one to greet her in the morning

Even If you two do not live together, send her morning messages. Let her wake up in anticipation of your texts to make her day! Record a video message and send it to her phone or leave it online for her. Get creative with your gadgets.

5. Love her

“Men don’t have to be perfect to make women amazingly happy. All a man really needs to do is love her like he promised when they first dated!” It’s a great quote and it explains it all.

6. Go shopping with her

And make it fun. Yes, some men hate it, but it works for the girls. You do not have to pay for everything she buys. Offer her to go and do her grocery shopping together. Carry bags for her or come up with an idea of a simple dish (find a recipe online), buy all the ingredients, come home and have fun cooking it together.

7. Gifts

Surely, girls like diamonds and other expensive things, but small gifts can do wonders! The only thing is they must be tuned up to her needs and wants. Does your girl have a hobby? Figure out what it is all about and pick few small items to please her. And give them the right way. Never say something like this: “Well, my mom just loves such gifts!” Your girlfriend will hate them! That’s for sure.

8. Never compare her to your mom

This will keep her happy. Your mom had you for so many years. Now the girlfriend or your wife has you! It’s a fight. Most moms are not Ok with letting their sons go, and most girlfriends are not good with sharing you with your mom! Even if you adore your mother and you think it’s a compliment to compare the two ladies, it’s not a brilliant idea. Who would want to be the second best? So, if you compare, tell the girl she is better than you mom!

9. Make her a priority when you are with the friends

Cuddle her in public, talk to her and let everyone see she is your number one, even when your buddies are around. She will appreciate it!

10. Give flowers

It’s trite, but it works. Only make sure you pick the right kind, the kind and color she likes (not your mom or your ex).

Now, once you master these 10 secrets and use them in your relationships to make the lady pleased with you, find out the mistakes to avoid.

5 Commonly Made Mistakes That Make Girls Unhappy:


1. Using your phone on dates

She has set aside the time to meet with you and have some fun, but instead you keep taking calls or texting. Turn that thing off regardless of who is calling or texting you!

2. Too much sharing

She is not your psychologist! If a guy keeps discussing all his problems, troubles during the dates, you make her miserable. Girls are looking for the strong men, problem solvers, not the cry-babies.

3. Asking a question and never listening to an answer

If you wish to piss off the girl, that’s your best plan. Just keep asking questions and never listen to what she has to say! It’s aggravating and disrespectful. Some men are fond of hearing their own voice. So, if you do ask her something, take time to listen and show her you are listening and interested.

4. The mom talk

Yes, most likely your mom is just great because she has brought up such a nice guy like you! But… your girlfriend may be unhappy in the relationships with you if you keep comparing her to your mom; especially if that comparison praises your mom and puts her down. Besides, the lady you have fallen in love with never wanted to be like your mom! She wants to be herself and to be content with it.

5. Never saying compliments

Women need to hear kind words and praise from their men. They need to hear you love them and not just once in a while, but regularly. Some girls want to hear such words few times a day. If you do not say compliments, you make the lady unhappy.

As you see, there are many things to do to make your woman happy and some things that aggravate or upset her. Love is an effort at times. So, do your best to be the man of her dream.

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