The One Thing Holding You Back From Meeting The Right Partner

Meet The Right Partner

I can tell you that when you unlock this, use it and start dating differently, the results will change.

The one thing holding you back is confidence.

Confidence is more than being able to ask someone out or put yourself online – The confidence to be who you really are is what is important.

You have to take a chance to put your best foot forward.

I know you do that by carefully choosing your best photos to put up, composing your best messages as you correspond backwards and forwards.

But what are you doing to stand out from the next person?

You need to get the person’s details as quickly as you possibly can and jump from being online, to email, to a phone call, to potentially meeting. That should all happen very, very quickly.

Simple things like connecting with somebody and saying “Wow! You’re really different. I can’t believe how wonderful it is to connect with you. I feel we need to do this off this app and I’d like to get to know you individually without having to be on here anymore”.

It is little things like which show confidence. You might get a no the first time, but when you show confidence, people notice and that’s what is most important in dating. It is not being the best looking person, the funniest or the smartest. These things don’t guarantee that you are going to get the date – but your confidence will!

This flows on to arranging the date too. Be confident enough to make suggestions and have conversations like, “OK so when is good for you to meet? Shall we do Wednesday after work or would you prefer Saturday afternoon?

When you ask a person a question like that and with confidence, they are going to come back with either Wednesday or Saturday.

You would then reply confidently with, “Great! Let’s do cocktails. Do you have somewhere in mind or would you like me to choose somewhere?

They will suggest you choose and you will say, “OK shall we go to this venue or this venue?
See the difference? When you ask the right questions and in a confident manner, you will get the right answers.

Once you are on the date, have the confidence to retain your own individual style. Wear what you like to wear without being concerned about judgement. What other people think of you is not really important. What you think of you and having the confidence to be you is far more attractive than simply milling along through the date and dressing how you think your date would like you to be dressed, without putting your best foot forward.

Having the confidence to set up the second date whilst on the first date is another valuable skill. Have the confidence to say, “Hey, next time we’ve got to try this sushi at such and such a place.” Or “I must take you to try the cocktails at this place.

This gives you an ‘in’ to contact the person after the date and say, “Hey, what time is better for you to go for sushi? Shall we go this day or this day?” Once again, it is unlikely that you are going to get a no if you show confidence, because confidence is nice to be around and nobody wants to be with somebody who doesn’t have the confidence to say what they want and be who they are.

It’s not a rejection about you if you get a no, but if you don’t ask, it’s going to be a no anyway, so what have you got to lose?

So, ask the questions that will get you a yes and if it gets you a no at least you have asked the questions and tried. This alone, will double your chances – and that’s a brilliant result!

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Wishing you love, always,
Louanne Ward

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