A couple for a new reality show is wanted!

Have a standout relationship with your partner? Earn money by telling about it!

  • Who we are looking for

A couple: a man and a woman from United States 21-35 years old who live together, travel together, have common prospects etc. However we are not seeking an ideal couple but two real people in love who sometimes have different points of view, sometimes argue, but still can’t imagine their lives without each other.

  • What you will do
 Once a week write an article about how your relationship’s going.
Publish your pictures on Instagram and tweet about your life and relationships, every tiny detail of if. If being public and showing your dirty laundry to people doesn’t confuse you, you are welcome to apply.
  • Want to apply?
Write about yourself, your partner and your relationship; ask your partner to write about the same. Send your insights and social links via e-mail: or personal message on Facebook: or by contact form below with photo of both of you attached. Maybe it’s you who will be paid just for your everyday life!
Alexander Tkachenko

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