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Cupid Launches The First Reality Show in Social Media

Starting on June 13th, dating site,, will follow true relationships unfolding in real-time via social media. The reality show – entitled “Real People. Real Feelings” – will be unveiled in a fresh new format; in fact, this debut will be the very first reality show to unfold over social media. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Social media is the perfect place for a reality show. Social media offers convenience, interactivity, and format variety.

Don’t have time to tune into a program at a certain hour? No worries – you can grab up-to-date news on each couple whenever you want. Have a question you want answered? Communicate with the participating couples and other fans online. “Real People. Real Feelings.” will follow the social lives of two couples and the day-to-day ups and downs of their relationships. Via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the blog, viewers will be able to invest their time in these couples and learn from their relationship pitfalls and highlights.

Anastasiya Yarkova,’s spokesperson, explains how this idea came about:

“We don’t use social media anymore; we live there. It’s curious that until now there have been no social media reality shows, but we are going to reverse the situation.”

The show’s first couples are Kendall & Joe and Hedda & Jordan. Let’s learn more about them:

Kendall and Joe "Real People. Real Feelings."

Kendall & Joe have been in a relationship for over a year now – since April 2015 – and have been living together in the suburbs of Long Island with Joe’s parents for most of this duration. Working as vendors in farmers markets all over Long Island, they both come from big families – Joe, the youngest of five, and Kendall, the oldest of five. They’re adventurists and enjoy exploring and discovering new areas of the island. They describe themselves as “madly in love” and are no stranger to public displays of affection.

“We have a perfect relationship,” they write. “We are not afraid to take part in the experiment and we’re ready to share our experiences with other people. We hope that our experiences will be helpful for people who are trying to build a relationship.”

Hedda and Jordan "Real People. Real Feelings."

Hedda & Jordan have also been together since 2015. They met in Tokyo, fell in love there, and have since been traveling, living together, and even working together – putting together Kickstarter projects. Hedda is Norwegian, and Jordan is American. Both are creative, with Jordan designing console and board games, as well as smartphone apps, and Hedda honing her creativity as a student in Salt Lake City, which they now call home. Their cultural differences make some aspects of their relationship a challenge, but they are enjoying the journey together.

“We are happy to have the opportunity to look at our relationship from the outside, to understand ourselves, to understand each other,” Hedda and Jordan write. “We are sure that the challenges from will only strengthen our relationship and bring us closer.”

These couples have courageously offered up their relationships to guide others. They will share their life experiences with viewers, explain their thoughts and feelings about relationship issues, allowing everyone to see, for the first time, two sides to the same coin. Viewers may read the happenings of these two relationships as a mirror of their own, reflecting the pros and cons of past and present partnerships they’ve experienced. In watching Kendall & Joe and Hedda & Jordan hash out relationship issues in real-time, viewers may see their own partner’s perspective more clearly.

The newly rebranded and redesigned site,, is proud to introduce these couples in the first reality show of its kind. “Real people. Real feelings” will launch a new wave of interactive social exchanges, allowing the audience to exchange thoughts and feelings while watching the relationship rollercoasters of two dynamic couples.’s goal is to help bring couples together. The site wants people to find their mates, to love and feel loved, and to build a life together, weathering all the issues that accompany relationships. By bringing together real people and their real feelings, this fresh social media reality show is designed to further this goal of helping couples get through the best of times and the worst of times.

The challenges these couples experience won’t only be self-made; every other day, will issue each couple a challenge – a scenario that all partnerships may face at one point or another. The couples must demonstrate how they meet these challenges, sharing their point of views on social media. Doing so will enable viewers to learn about and understand how different personalities view and behave toward relationship challenges. In the end, understanding is what will allow each of us more empathy towards our own partners.

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