App Review: MUBI – mobile online cinema

The saying goes that ‘30 days have September, April, June and November’. But what about an app that lets you watch 30 films every 30 days – all for just £2.99 a month? Well, you can with MUBI’s film streaming app which, every day, chooses a cult, classic, independent or award-winning film. And you can view all 30 films online as often as you wish, on your PC, Mac, Sony BRAVIA, iPad/iPhone, Playstation®3, Samsung Smart TV and Android device.

A 30-day film diet for two…

The best part (apart from snuggling up with your date on the sofa to watch the films) is the price tag: It’s cheaper than mainstream providers such as Netflix and LoveFilm/Amazon Instant (from £4.89 a month), and you can also download films to your device and watch them offline for seven days.

Any snags?

Like all wireless-dependent apps, this 30-day film-watching extravaganza could turn into a crash film diet. Literally. A weak 3G/4G mobile connection could cause interrupted playback as could a dodgy Wi-Fi connection.

But what the heck, no one’s perfect. After all, a little of what you fancy does you good, right?

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