Cupid Recommends: Cultural and dating delights this summer!

By Cupid Team
Summer’s here, whatever the intermittent afternoon rain spattering on your window might be telling you. And as we near the longest day of the year, there are more places to visit, trends to jump on and cultural delights to gobble up than you can shake a stick at. The challenge is to squeeze them all in if you already have a schedule as hectic as a headline act at Glastonbury. Here, we recommend six things, including those to see, do and wear which should cast a little extra light on the rest of your June.

Film – Venus in Fur
We do love movies at Cupid, and this French production of David Ives’ two-person play, originally set in New York City, is adapted for the romantic streets of Paris. But it’s about to go very big in the rest of the world: earlier this year the film won Best Director at the 39th César awards, so it should be firmly on your watch list. Could a tale of ambition, love, envy and ultimately obsession really suit a date? You’ll only find out if you try! In UK theatres from 20 June.
Weird Apps – Zombies Run, 3
Turn your daily run into fright or flight, pitting your wits against marauding Zombies. For £2.99, download the Zombies Run 3 app for your Android or iPhone, put on your headphones and follow verbal commands. Warning: you better not mind being seen running around the park like a headless chicken, but it’s your call! Available now for download.
Clothing – is unstylish the new stylish?
Normcore is a clothing range typified as ‘being anonymous’. The utilitarian and unisex brand includes cargo pants, boxy sweatshirts, turtlenecks, baseball caps, white trainers and fleece zip-ups. To be unseen is to be seen if that makes sense. And you thought online dating was anonymous. Watch this space. Literally.
Music – Remember Remember: Forgetting the Present
Glasgow sextet Remember Remember, rather appropriately, are one of the most memorable bands we’ve come across all year. They bring a delightful and unashamedly prog-ish methodology to Scotland’s indie music scene. Described as “twinkly post-rock” Forgetting the Past is a thinking man’s foot tapper. Download it, play it; by the time you’ve finished listening to the track ‘Magnets’ you’ll be in love with it. Available now on iTunes.
Theatre – Vale of Health (fair or foul upon the heath?)
You don’t have to be a fan of Game of Thrones’ actor, Gethin Anthony, to enjoy these plays by the late Simon Gray. Staged at the Hampstead Theatre, Japes is one of another three plays performed there. This one is gritty and passionate, telling the story of brothers caught in a love triangle. Suitable for a date? You both may come out speechless – however the Telegraph gives Japes a glowing four stars. It runs until 14 June.
Somewhere different to go? Thermae Bath Spas – Bath
And where would we be without a little something ‘Old’. A cool (or rather warm) place to hang out is the steaming, historic spas in the beautiful city of Bath. The city is home to the UK’s only natural hot springs, including original Roman Baths and the modern Thermae Bath Spa. Ticket prices for a 90 minute to three hour spa session can vary between £17 to £37 respectively.
What’s your top dating recommendation of the summer?

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