Cupid’s Reality Show: Two Months Summary

It’s been two months since this show begun, and honestly we’re not sure whether we feel it’s going fast or slow. It has definitely become even more fun as we’ve gotten a lot of new followers, revamped our Twitter profile, and are starting to get more questions and comments from you guys. Hedda is always happy when someone tells her she’s pretty, so please keep doing that.

As you will have noticed, we are currently in Norway, visiting Hedda’s family, and letting Jordan experience everyday life in Oslo. Our lives are very different here compared to in Utah, especially since we are currently staying with Hedda’s parents, and not in our own place. We still get our privacy though, so that’s good, and we have a car at our disposal, which is always nice.

Like she said in the video, it was important for Hedda to see how Jordan handles Norway and life in Norway. We’re not even close to considering getting married at this point, but should we want to one day, it’s important that we both know that we’re able to live in the other person’s country. If not, one of us would sort of be ”forced” to give up on their home country, and that would not be a pleasant situation. It’s definitely easier for Hedda to adapt to the society in Utah, since her English is so good, but the language barrier is definitely there for Jordan.

We think that if he had the chance to properly learn the language, he would feel a lot less isolated, and a lot happier. So that’s something we definitely have to work on, and something we should not procrastinate. We both know that Jordan gets homesick very easily, and Hedda is trying her best to cheer him up and make him love her hometown as much as she does.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to be an international couple, and we are both feeling that. However, we think it’s also a gift, being “forced to travel”, as we put it. We have to travel across oceans to see friends and family, and we don’t think we can get any sicker of airports than we already are. We don’t know how long we will stay here before we go back to the States, but we will definitely go back.

We both enjoy life over there (even if the heat is killing Hedda), and we both feel like going back there for a while. This stay in Norway is sort of like a break for us, or a vacation, if you’d like. Not that we have any more time off, we still do the same type of work we did in the States.

It’s quite interesting to see how different dating is in USA and Norway. We’ve run into some difficulties regarding that, for example that in Norway you usually don’t bring your partner along to meet friends unless you’ve planned with your friends that you’ll both bring your partner. Norwegians really value guy-time and girl-time.

In the US, on the other hand, it’s more common and socially acceptable to bring your partner along to all social happenings, including meeting your close friends. Hedda found it strange when she first went to Salt Lake City, and Jordan found the Norwegian way strange when he came to Oslo. However, these are differences we need to understand about each other’s cultures, and about each other.

Being an international couple is definitely challenging, but also a lot of fun. We are trying to make our Twitter account even more lively and fun, so we recommend you checking that out. Our Twitter and Instagram contain different content most of the time, so to get the full experience of this show we recommend you following both accounts!


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