Week 1: Joe and Kendall

J&K: The first week of us documenting our relationship through social media has been very interesting to say the least. There’s been a fair share of ups and downs, from “why did we agree to this” moments, to times filled with jubilation, joy, laughter, and ecstasy. Sometimes it can be awkward filming in public but that’s getting easier for us. If we get frustrated, excited, sad, whatever it may be, we express those feelings through our social media. It’s a fairly new concept for us but our number one priority is to make this as as authentic and transparent as possible. It’s not in our nature to “overproduce” our lives anyway, so that aspect hasn’t been hard for us.

Social reality show Joe and Kendall

If you’ve ever seen Howard Stern’s movie “Private Parts” you know that Howard’s career took off into the stratosphere as soon as he got honest with his listeners. He began to talk about different aspects of the human experience that are often considered taboo and don’t get talked about a lot, but more importantly he just talked openly about his personal life. Not only does this endear Howard to his listeners but it is also what the entire show is based around, HONESTY. So using that same formula of honesty and transparency we’ve been documenting our relationship with each other. From morning till night you can come over to our page and see what we’re up to. We’re just your average, 20 something year old couple trying to do the best we can with what we’ve got…. even when the only thing we’ve got is each other.

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J: So, what have we been up to? Lots of things of course! The beginning of the week started out with Kendall quitting her job as a teachers assistant to preschoolers with autism, so that we could pursue our career in the world of farmers markets on Long Island. Kendall has been molding young minds for a few years now but we both agreed that it was maybe time to not only make a change, but also take a risk. What it boils down to is that she’s only 22, doesn’t have children, no mortgage, nothing “tying her down” so to speak, so what better time to take a risk, right? Anyway, we woke up Monday morning together in much of the same fashion we do on a weekend, so that was nice. I had to work on a flooring and molding job I have, however I don’t exactly have to be there at a certain time being that it is my own job. Kendall spent much of the day doing laundry and cleaning.

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We got dinner from our favorite Halal spot that night and went to sleep super early because Kendall had a farmers market early in the morning. And that’s what she did the next day while I worked on my job. That day was particularly interesting because had given us a “challenge” which you can watch on our Twitter. Basically I was to reveal 3 facts about myself that Kendall didn’t already know and get her reaction. We did this right after work. It was an eye opening exercise and we look forward to future challenges. After that we got pizza and champagne to celebrate the starting of our show. The next day we both had separate markets to work in the morning. In the afternoon we just did some general chillin until we went to go babysit. You can see a picture of the boy we babysit on our Twitter. We played wiffle ball in the back yard with a 6 year old boy who is obsessed with Pokemon, we had a load of laughs.

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On the ride over there we actually recorded some funny videos of ourselves singing to each other ‘a la’ karaoke with James Corden. Definitely have a look if you want to laugh but also listen to our favorite band Father John Misty too. We love that band and will probably pick one of their songs to be our wedding song. That night we went to one of our favorite dive bars for some good beer and munchies. Pictures on Twitter obviously. The next morning we planned to go to the beach because we both had “off” but it turned out to be an overcast day so we literally took a rain check. We got some stuff done around the apartment instead, I mowed the lawn and then went to go get some work done on my job. I tweeted a couple photos which I got a lot of compliments on. Kendall went to target while I was out and got a really cute night gown with cats on it, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff I can’t remember right now, but Kendall loves target and only shops the deals.

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Money had always been a source of contention in our relationship being that we’re both pretty thrifty, but since we started doing the farmers markets we’ve actually been making more money, so fights about money have all but disappeared… For now. Personally I would much rather focus on loved ones and interpersonal relationships instead of thinking only in decimals and dollars all the time. But I guess we all have to eat. Friday was a cool day, we did some gardening together in the morning, which is our favorite new hobby by the way. You can see some of our plants in our photos and videos. We were apart for a couple hours in the afternoon because I had to go to the hardware store for more supplies and bring them to my job. We also had to pick up more inventory for our weekend markets so we headed out east to meet our boss at a market. We ended up picking up ingredients for dinner at the market, went home and cooked a glorious dinner.

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Saturday again we both had markets. I think we both made a lot of money that day. I recall talking to her about how much more busy it’s going to get once school lets out next week and how crazy that’s going to be considering how much oil we’ve sold already. Sunday Kendall didn’t feel well but we both had markets to do so she powered through. My market on Sunday ends two hours earlier than hers so I went over to close up her pop-up tent and load all her boxes. My market may have been 45 minutes away but I’d do anything for Kendall. It pains me to see her not feel well, so I do my best to make her feel comfortable. Seeing the one you love in pain is one of the worst things to witness in my opinion. Therefore, if there’s anything I can think of that’ll help, you know I’m doing it for her.

Joe and Kendall - social reality show

Sunday was Father’s Day. My dad wasn’t around, he and my mother went to New Jersey to visit my elderly grandfather. So while they were gone I went to a nursery and got a bunch of plants and planted them in the front of my parents house. While we were there Kendall called her dad, who just moved to North Carolina the week before, to wish him a happy Father’s Day. I felt bad for them both. Anyway, after I did all that we went out on her Aunts boat for sunset. It honestly was the best way to cap off our hectic yet productive week. If I have any advice for young couples out there it’s that you get up every day, no matter what, and do something productive towards your future together. Lately our mantra has been “baby steps” meaning that we accomplish lots and lots of small short term goals to build towards the long term goals. All of us are the same in that we can only live life one day at a time. I’m so glad Kendall and I have been able to string together a few days of prosperity filled with an unrelenting love.

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