How to Tell If She’s Interested or Not

Girl is interested or not

Now, you’re a studly looking man I’m sure but even the Johnny Bravo’s of the world just don’t do it for some women, don’t take it to heart my friend; ‘tis all part of the game. If you had a 100% success rate why are you still here George Clooney!? (Also, can we be friends?) It’s happened, I’m sure, to all of us when we’ve taken a knock-back and moved on but unfortunately, a much more common mistake is to keep on throwing your A** moves at a young lass who simply isn’t interested and you’re getting absolutely nowhere. Can’t tell whether she’s hot for your game or thinking you’re lame?

Here are a few pointers to help you recognise the signs.

You have separated a lady from her herd of friends, you have the girl’s attention and you’ve successfully landed a few lines so has the eagle landed? Have a look at her eyes, her soul-windows as it were; are they fixed on you? If not and they are darting about, she’s not playing hard to get cochise, she just isn’t into you. Her eye contact when you’re speaking is crucial however, don’t force yourself into her line of sight or there will be no way to tell whether she is digging your swag. Instead, leave a gap to her side or easily over your shoulder, even if there is a distraction behind you, her eyes shouldn’t be moving too far from your masterful use of the English language and if they’re not, that’s a great sign!

Also, once you’re deep into the night, if the bar isn’t that dark, you can tell if she’s very interested (if you know what I mean) by pupil dilation and fluctuation, this is an evolutionary way of the body flooding itself with endorphins but by god you’d have to be good to get this reaction – or maybe she’s just wacked out on barbiturates and therefore, a no-go! By contrast, if she seems to be boring a hole in your skull she is either hyper tired, bored or you’ve offended her favourite Pokémon and as such it is your duty to get the hell out of there before you get Poke-slammed.

The proximity and attitude of the friends of said female may hold the keys to success in this respect as they know all those feminine traits which scream ‘get away’ us men seem to be unable to pick up, us not having telepathic girl-skills and all. If your wingman has caught their attention and is unable to stop irritated glancing or evil looks being thrown in your general direction, there may be another level to what’s happening (jealousy, infidelity, craving for the post-night kebab etc). Whatever the weather, the friends’ permission/acceptance of you is pretty much always crucial to securing dates and sometimes even hook-ups! A great way to know if you’re passing this Sheba’s test is to gauge her reaction to her friend’s proximity. Shyness may play a factor of course however, if she is not worried about her friends being out of view or obviously not close, it’s a great sign that she doesn’t see you as a slimeball-threat-monster and also that she has somehow been given a telepathic ‘nod’ from her friends that you’re not bad. Kudos!

Body language classics such as ‘playing with hair’ are all well and good but that’s more to do with the type of girl rather than her interest in you, you could be getting 10s across the board and she is playing with her nose instead (why nose? Don’t ask me). Instead of looking at where her hands are going, have a look at where her body is pointing, is it away? Is it fully towards you? This is a great way to gauge interest. Once again, this may be limited by environmental factors such as the arms or stickiness of the bar stool she’s on, but try and keep an eye out either way. Other body language indicators are simple things such as constantly checking her phone, being easily distracted and seeming generally distracted, usually I wouldn’t mention this but many times I have seen guys pursuing a lost cause and they tragically cannot see these simple things! Come on lads! Look to see if she imitates your slick moves in some way with regards to gestures you make, leg position and facial expressions during conversation- if they’re a match- you’ve made a catch!

The last thing is a little word about respect. At any time at all in the conversation, if the words ‘I have a boyfriend’, ‘I’m not single’ or ‘I’m in a polyamorous, goat-themed, devil-worshipping relationship’, that girl, my friend, has just given you the cue to make your excuses, count your loss down to circumstance and moooooooove yo ass! Regardless of if the statement is true or whether you think it’s true (and let’s face it, the goat-themed one is one I’d believe), quietly and respectfully move on.

This concludes another lesson of wingman proportions! Happy hunting and be safe out there!

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