Top 10 Reasons Why Our Exes Leave Us


Breakups happen for all sorts of reasons, but it sometimes may not be clear why your ex suddenly up and left you. Have no clue why he/she broke your heart? Consider the following top 10 reasons why our exes leave us, apply them to your relationship, and work it out for yourself.

1. They Don’t Feel Appreciated


One of the biggest reasons our exes leave us is they no longer feel appreciated. In the beginning of a relationship, we shower our partners with compliments, with love, with appreciation; but after a while, appreciation becomes an expectation. We no longer thank each other for making dinner or taking out the garbage. And feeling underappreciated gets old real quick.

2. They Found Someone Else

Yes, it’s possible they’ve found someone else. This is probably the last thing you want to hear, but if you’ve noticed your ex distancing themselves from you towards the end, their distraction was probably due to their attention drifting elsewhere.

3. They Grew Bored


While relationships can’t be all highs and no lows, sometimes they do plateau with no highs or lows, whatsoever. The spark is gone. The honeymoon is over. You are no longer interesting, and they’re no longer curious.

4. They Aren’t Ready

Don’t take all the fault of the breakup on your shoulders. Your ex may simply not be ready for a serious relationship. It happens, and it’s okay. Some people need to mature and experience more in life to feel ready for the security and stability of a relationship.

5. They Have Issues


The “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse may actually be true in some cases. Whatever the issue may be – the inability to balance work and social life, dealing with past baggage, struggling with family issues – relationships can fall apart due to someone’s problems and their inability to deal with them.

6. They Don’t Want the Same Things

Even when you’re in love with someone, you sometimes realize you don’t want the same things and you’re unwilling to compromise. If you know you’re in for a life of unhappiness due to these differences, even if hearts will be broken, it’s best to part ways.

7. They Are Fed Up with Your BS


Your ex isn’t perfect, but neither are you. You never have the courtesy to put the toilet seat down, no matter how many times she’s asked you. She never takes the dog for a walk, even though it’s her turn. Irritations can easily stack up to the point that the daily BS is no longer palatable.

8. They Don’t Trust You

Maybe you’ve given them a reason not to trust you or maybe their own insecurity has led to doubt. Whatever the case, trust issues lead to fights which, inevitably, lead to breakups. Your ex may have left you because their trust in you left first.

9. They’re Having a Mid-Life Crisis


You don’t have to be middle-aged to be in crisis. Some people hit a rough patch in their life, where they feel entirely unsatisfied with everything and everyone…including you. If this is the case with your ex, don’t take it too much to heart. They are just going through a thing. You were the unfortunate baggage they needed to shed.

10. They Don’t Love You

As tough as this one may be to hear, the fact is that exes sometimes leave us, because they never loved us in the first place. Some people get caught up in the moment and declare their love when they don’t really mean it. Others think they do love someone when they truly don’t. Whatever the reason, find a way to come to terms with the loss and move on.

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