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Complimenting a woman is easier said than done. A lackluster, “You are beautiful,” is just not enough to sweep a woman off her feet. Why? Well, because the words you choose are only half the battle. The other half involves the way you express them.

How do you find the sweet spot? How can pass off something you’ve prepared as genuine and not forced? Although it’s not rocket science, there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to giving a woman the right compliment. Here are some pointers.

What to Do

How to compliment

1. Do know her values. By knowing what she values – whether it’s appearance, intelligence, humor, talent, or whatever it is that floats her boat – you can tailor your compliments to suit her. Not all women are focused on their looks, so if she’s proud of her brain or her wicked nunchuck skills, compliment her on these attributes at times, not always on her pretty face.

2. Do be genuine. You want your compliment to roll off the tongue naturally and so, in the end, you must believe what you say. Don’t compliment her for the sake of complimenting. A woman knows when you’re just filling the silence, and there’s nothing worse than having to fake a smile for a forced compliment. So instead of being over-complimentary, dole out the love when you truly mean it. And if your girl is a catch, you’ll mean it all of the time.

3. Do be confident. Your delivery is nearly as important as the words you’ve chosen. It’s natural to grow nervous when chatting with someone you like and admire, but your nerves will make her too uncomfortable to receive your compliment with anything but a grimace. Instead, practice what you want to say, making note of your body language. Maintain eye contact and convey confidence with your strong voice and your words.

What NOT to Do

How not to compliment

1. Do NOT be cliché. One way to catch her attention is to strike all generic compliments from your repertoire and give her one that’s completely you. “You have beautiful eyes…” is something she hears all the time. Instead, break out your college writing 101: similes and metaphors. What do her eyes remind you of? Are they as green as the sea on a stormy day? Are they as blue as an icy mist? You don’t have to be Shakespeare to put into words exactly how beautiful they are.

2. Do NOT expect something in return. As with anything, you should give without any ulterior motive. Don’t expect her to return the compliment or give you anything other than a “thank you”. Even that, you may go without. Say it with a pure heart, and your compliment will go over a lot better than if you’re expecting anything out of it.

3. Do NOT be vulgar. No woman wants to hear it. And if you don’t know that by now, you may be a lost cause already.

Although, as noted, you shouldn’t expect anything in return, follow these do’s and don’ts and you may just win her heart. All you need is a bit of sincerity and charm for your compliment to win over its audience. So make your compliment stand out from the crowd; give it some weight. If your words don’t stay in her mind, then neither will you.

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