Top 7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date a Trump Supporter

Date a Trump Supporter

This US election season has been extremely contentious and, while you may not like either candidate, you might find that one is exponentially worse than the other. And in most people’s eyes, that’s Donald J. Trump.

If you happen to connect with someone who is a Trump supporter and are thinking about giving them a shot anyhow, here are just a few reasons why you should think again.

He/She is Okay with ‘Locker-Room Talk’

Trump Locker Room Talk

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If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve seen many Trump surrogates continue to support this walking Cheeto Puff, despite the surfacing of the now infamous Access Hollywood tape, in which he boasted about grabbing and kissing women without their consent. His ‘apology’ termed this behavior as simple ‘locker-room talk’. The problem is, such talk normalizes degrading views of women, including objectification and, in Trump’s ‘talk’, even sexual assault. So your average Trump supporter is either willing to ignore this – thereby, allowing these things to be normalized – or is actively supporting this kind of talk and behavior. Yikes.

He/She is Just Fine with Racism

Trump Drake

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No, Donald Trump is not a racist. He simply calls Mexicans rapists, wants to put a stop to Muslim immigration, and violated the Fair Housing Act in order to keep African Americans from residing in Trump properties. Doesn’t sound racist to me at all.

He/She is On Board with Narcissism


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Anyone running for president likely has at least a trace of narcissism in their veins; otherwise, why would they think they were worthy to hold the most powerful position on the planet? But Trump takes narcissism to a whole new level. He only speaks in superlatives – “the best,” “the greatest,” “bigly” – when talking about himself and his ‘accomplishments,’ and he plasters his name all over the things he ‘built’ (or at least on the things his hired contractors built, that he then refused to pay). Your Trump-supporting date might take a leaf out of his book and do the same, so you’re in for an evening of a babbling ballooned-ego.

He/She Believes in Trumped-Up Trickledown Economics

Rich Trump

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While the top 1 percent of America’s wealthiest receive the highest tax breaks under Trump’s policies, the rest of America must carry the country’s burden while waiting for the ‘job-makers’ to make jobs for them…which they, instead, often ship elsewhere. By paying cheaper workers overseas, they line their pockets with cheap labor and tax breaks, and nothing but political BS trickles down to the average American. Beware: your prospective date (who I’m guessing isn’t in this top 1%) buys into this nonsense.

He/She Likes a Whiner


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The election isn’t even over – dear God, when will it end?! – and Trump is already claiming it’s rigged against him. He wants to ensure that when he loses, which is the likely outcome, he can point the finger at someone else and not admit blame, as he has done with every other failure in his life. And Trump supporters accept this, so they likely will pull the victim-card on you when they’re clearly at fault, just as their Dark Lord has.

He/She Doesn’t Believe in Democracy

Dictator Trump

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Not only is he tearing down the democratic process by pronouncing voter corruption where there is little-to-none, but Trump also declared at the second debate that he would put his opponent in jail. This is undemocratic, and it’s un-American. This is dictator-talk. Trump supporters at his rallies now chant, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” Do you honestly want to date one of these minions?

He/She Would Vote for Trump, Even If He Shot Someone

trump shoot

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Watch the interviews with Trump supporters, and you’ll find the following refrain is typical: “There’s nothing Trump could do to make me not support him.” So it seems his boast back in January that he could “shoot someone and not lose voters” was right. That’s horrifying. If you do date a Trump supporter, don’t be surprised if he/she doesn’t blink an eye at a single one of Trump’s countless unfolding scandals.

You probably know many who detest Trump and (surprisingly) many who support him. You can steer clear of those who oppose your own political views – and your personal views on plain human decency – by following these top 7 reasons you shouldn’t date a Trump supporter. They’ll help you spot the ‘deplorables’ from a mile away.

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