Understand the Body Language Signs of Falling in Love

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How Do You Read Flirty Body Language Signs

There are many body language signs of falling in love, sometimes they are obvious but other times they are hidden and hard to spot. In this article, you can learn about the different types of female body language and what each of these mean. How to read a woman’s body language is a question many people ask themselves, and now you will have the answers. Body language and attraction can be confusing, a touch of a hand can mean one thing to her but be perceived as another. Relationship body language is also often a mystery to most. Not anymore though!

Understanding and Spotting The Female Body Language of Love

The language of love is a complicated one, especially the non-verbal kind. Here is a quick list of signs to look out for when you’re getting to know a woman

1. Physical contact. This can be anything from touching your arm to picking fluff off your jacket. If she touches you this is a clear indicator that she is comfortable around you and is okay with physical contact, this is flirty body language and can be reciprocated with a touch in return or even verbal flirting.

2. Eye contact. This is a big indication of attraction. Eye contact is a very subtle but powerful sign of flirting or attraction. Not enough eye contact might mean she isn’t comfortable yet, if she looks at you when either of you are speaking this is a good sign as it shows she is genuinely interested in the conversation and maybe you.

3. Fidgeting. If she is having to fiddle with her hair or clothes it can mean she’s nervous around you. It also is a way to notice if she is trying to look nice for you as she is worried about her appearance and wants to make a good impression to attract you.

4. Her position. An open body language is the sign you’re looking for. If when sitting or standing her body seems closed off to you, chances are she isn’t emotionally open to you. If the woman is stood with her arms by her side, or if she is sat with her feet pointed at you, this is a sign of openness. This is important when looking for positive body language.

These are some of the ways that body language can show a woman’s inner desires. As long as the lady has shown these flirty body signs you are good to reciprocate.

Reading The Body Language of Women and What It Means

Once you know that a woman is flirting with you, you might begin to ask yourself how to flirt back. Your best way into this is through shadowing the woman’s body language. If she touches your arm, wait for an appropriate time to touch hers. Or if she touches her face lots, touch yours. This way you won’t scare her off by moving too quickly, because you are taking it at the pace she set.

Flirty body language can eventually become romantic body language, which can be kisses on the cheek and hugs. This can all help to build the foundation of a relationship or even just a fling!

Overall, the best thing to do once you spot a women’s flirty body language is to take it at her pace and let it gradually build up to something more. Being too eager can snuff out any spark she feels for you. Also by looking at the way she is stood you can see if her body language is friendly, flirty or romantic.

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