Understanding the Difference Between Dating and Courting?

dating and courting

You may have heard the term courting and wondered what it actually means. How is it different to dating and do they mean the same thing? We take a look at courting vs dating and explain the differences in the two terms.

What exactly does courting someone mean?

Courting is often a term that is used by the older generation and was pretty much how dating was described when they were younger. It is not a term that is so widely used now. A courtship is actually more old-fashioned and traditional and was much more romantic than dating some might say. Given that courting is an old-fashioned term, it comes with an older fashioned meaning. It is actually a term that comes from the 1800s and in the true sense was something that was done when the ultimate intent was marriage.

How is courting different to dating?

With courtship, there were no dating websites, no apps, no text messaging, flirting, phone sex or any of the modern practises that have become an accepted part of entering a relationship. You didn’t date, you didn’t spend time on your own and you certainly didn’t have sex before marriage. For some it is still widely practised and with those who want to save themselves for marriage, courting is how they prefer to conduct their romantic intentions.

No flings, no one night stands – just commitment

For those who don’t want to have a string of flings, one night stands or romantic disasters, courtship is more of a commitment to one person. You are exclusive from the start and you don’t hedge your bets and go on lots of dates. It is a romantic and more secure way of dating for some. While intimacy is not how courtship would originally have evolved, it is now more common place to be more intimate before entering a committed relationship.

Enjoy the romance of being courted

If you like those movies where the guy kisses the girl in the doorway after a night out, then courtship is definitely something that you will enjoy. It is that anticipation of whether he will kiss you or indeed whether you will need to wait for the next date. There is something satisfying and rewarding about an older fashioned way of beginning a relationship with someone and you should enjoy the romantic aspect of it.

If you aren’t into the whole dating scene and want to do it like they did in the old days then the good news is that courtship is something that is making a comeback. It is becoming popular to slow it down and enjoy the romance that courting, rather than dating, has to offer. While both have their benefits, there is something rather charming about courtship.

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