Why Some Girls Seek Material Gain Rather Than Happiness

Girl with money

“How much money do you make?” asks Juliet.

Every Romeo finds himself in this position at some point in his dating career. Essentially, this question means, “Can you support my spending habits?” Frustrating as it may be, some girls want things more than they want you. And many men go to great lengths to please their greedy girl, without asking themselves what’s made her so greedy in the first place. We’ve unlocked the code for you: consumerism, the conceptualization of happiness, and the drug-like high a materialistic chick can get from emptying your bank account.


Women’s magazines are inundated with ads for $20 makeup products, $50 skinny jeans, $200 dresses, $500 heels: all point to the promise that any chick can be the glamorous model plastering the page if she can buy everything printed there.
Television and the web are reeling with celebrities advertising products for an audience who can’t afford them; music videos glorifying materialism and fame; the Kardashians, burning through cash and being delivered everywhere in their private jet. The glamor of “having it all” appeals to many, and it’s difficult for some chicks to see past the smoke and mirrors to the reality: none of this is happiness.

Equating Material Gain to Happiness

This is the real issue: when a girl thinks she’ll arrive at happiness through material gain. Money and things and diamond rings. This consumer image of larger-than-life living leads some to believe that with diamonds and pearls and furs and designer sunglasses, a man’s wallet can afford his woman perfection. Rather than risk making her own money and affording her own “happiness” (because that would be way too much work), it’s simpler to find a Joe Blow who can do all the heavy lifting. And once he does, she can bask in admiration and envy, which leads to a false sense of fulfillment – a fleeting feeling one might equate to happiness.

‘Shopper’s High’

Women love to shop, not only to burn money, but to socialize. Trying on clothes with their girlfriends, while you stand by, checking your watch, then filling a shopping cart and flashing your credit card to the cashier – all are positive emotions. In fact, the ‘shopper’s high’ is an adrenaline rush supported by science: at the very thought of purchasing something on one’s wish list, the nucleus accumbens fills the brain with dopamine, the neurotransmitter which partially controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. But like any drug, the pleasure doesn’t last long and the kickback can make your girl more depressed than before she inhaled.

To put it simply, unless you want to be with someone who’ll never be happy, don’t put time into those who value things more than they do people or experiences. Sustained happiness never results from materialism; rather, a materialistic girl is often envious of those who possess the things she wants, making her chronically anxious and depressed. So leave Juliet at her window, sad and surrounded by all her things, and find yourself a girl who knows what life is.

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