Top 27 relationship tips mature people would advise their younger selves

Top 27 Relationship Tips Mature People Would Advise Their Younger Selves

    It seems that almost everyone has wished for a “time-machine” to share some wisdom and advice with themselves in the past, when they were young and a bit naive. It would be especially useful for life changing decisions. As a “time-machine” has not yet been invented, has instead conducted a study where mature people were asked to give relationship advice to their younger selves. Thus, this article is a must-read for those who have just started looking for love, who are in a relationship already, or are ready to develop their love-life and build healthy and mature relationships.

     More than 250 people from the UK, US, Canada and Australia aged 40+ participated in the study, generating almost 400 unique tips and opinions. The “wisest” person that took part in the study was 77 years of age. After a thorough analysis it was revealed that there are a few tips that prevail in public opinion, as well as some that are rather controversial and caused a clash of opinions. Moreover, among hundreds of tips collected we discovered such pearls of wisdom that simply require a direct quotation.

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