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We only lived about 1 mile from each other but had never met. Our work schedules, family commitments, and lifestyles would have made it impossible to meet. Thanks to Cupid.com we were married Sept. 6th.


Thanks to this wonderful website I have found the man of my dreams. I was about to give up on true love and romance until a friend of mine told me about Cupid.com.

I never ever thought in my wildest dreams that the man of my dreams lived just 45 minutes drive from me. John and I met for our very first date on July 18th 2003 before meeting each other in person for the very first time we spent a good 2 months talking to each other on the phone and having e-mail contact with each other. I will forever be grateful to my best friend and to you guys here on this wonderful website. Thanks again Cupid.com for helping me to find my one and only true soul mate.

Very Truly Yours,