10 Psychologically Proven Ways to Attract Your Crush

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We’ve all been there a time or two where we are attracted to a guy but we aren’t sure how to let him know that we like him without saying, “Hey, I like you. We should date.” We have compiled a list of tips that have been proven by psychologists and scientists that will help you attract the guy you’ve got your sights on.

  1. Lean In

When you lean toward him when he talks, he will pick up on that body language and understand that you are interested in him and find him quite attractive. You want to face him and give him your undivided attention while he is talking to you.

  1. Eye Contact and Smile

Eye contact is one of the most basic rules when it comes to good communication. Pair that with a genuine smile and you will definitely grab his attention.

  1. Use Lighting to Your Advantage

What we mean by this is if you are hoping for a romantic date, choose a place that is dimly lit. Why? Studies have shown that men are drawn to women whose eyes were dilated, which adds to how he attractive he finds you.

  1. Copy His Actions

You remember how you used to mirror a siblings action as a child? It used to be to annoy them or a silly game to pass the time, but when you mirror the actions of a guy you’re interested in, it can increase their interest in you. Mirroring happens naturally between couples and even friends, but when you do it on purpose, it can reinforce their feelings for you. Granted we aren’t telling you to copy everything they do. Keep it simple, if they take a sip of their drink, you do the same. If they cross their legs, wait a few moments and follow suit.

  1. Walk on His Left

When you walk on his left side, you connecting with the emotional side of the brain. This means that he may be emotionally charged when you are talking to him, especially when you use emotional words.

  1. Perfume is Your Friend

Fragrance is a fantastic way to leave your mark. With the right scent, you will become unforgettable to him and should he smell that fragrance anywhere else, he will always be reminded of you.

  1. Meet on a Sunny Day

When you meet up on a bright and sunny day, your body is producing endorphins that are already putting you in a good mood. So, when you two are having the time of your life, he will attribute that happiness to the time he is spending with you and not so much the weather.

  1. Lady in Red

When you don a red dress, a bold red lip, or even a bright red shoe, you will certainly catch his eye. It’s been proven on many occasions that men are drawn to the color red and when he sees you looking fabulous in a red outfit, he won’t be able to get you off of his mind.

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Giggle

Women think that giggling is for school girls, but it isn’t. A well-timed bit of giggling (like after he tells a joke or an interesting story) will encourage him to do more things that make you laugh. This type of flirting helps his confidence and also keeps the mood of the date light and carefree.

  1. Raise Your Voice an Octave

We don’t normally control our voices, but if you’ve ever noticed your voice sounds a little differently when you are around your friends than it does when you are talking to the guy you like. Men are naturally drawn to women with a high-pitched voice because it is believed to be more feminine and musical. So if you have a naturally deep voice, try raising it a few pitches so that your voice sounds girlish and sweet.

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