7 Different Ways to Kiss for a Passionate Lover

Kiss for a Passionate Lover

Kisses are not only used to for pleasure, but they create a particular language of love. Most of us can think of just types of them. However, in reality, there is at least a dozen of them out there. Let’s take a look at the major ones.

A guide on kissing and touching body parts

different ways to kiss

Kissing can communicate the full range of emotions you have for another person. Some kisses are innocent (a kiss on a brow or cheek); while others are full of passion and desire. These tips on kissing will enrich your love life.

  1. Tickling kiss
    The best spot on her body to use this type is the neck. How do you kiss woman’s neck? Use your lips and your eyelashes, too. First start with the very “tips” of your lips. These kisses are gentle and tantalizing, so to say. At first, lightly touch her neck with your lips. You may start from her lips and go down. Then use your eyelashes to tickle her neck and sort of “kiss” it with the eyes. Such kisses are very romantic and teasing.
  2. Triangle kiss
    Here is what you do: you start as usual on the lips. Stay there for a short while, but then move away to your partner’s cheek and in few more moments go down to their neck. And then return to the lips once again. You sort of move in a triangle area of their body. You can a bit enlarge this triangle the next time you go down and get to the chest or breast area!
  3. French kiss
    Yes, this is the famous one! People also call it the tongue kiss. This one takes much practice. Many women complain that men are poor tongue kissers. Some try to eat you alive, others use too much saliva and it feels like kissing a dog. So, how do you do it the right way? Go to the nearby bakery and get a muffin with soft chocolate or cream topping. Why the heck do you need it? Well, it’s your perfect kissing trainer. Take it in your hand and stand in front of a mirror. Now start “kissing” the soft topping on the cake or muffin first with your lips and then with your tongue, too. And watch the results. If you are getting much of the chocolate on your lips and even face, you are doing French kisses the wrong way. You get your tongue and lips all over her and the chances are she dislikes it. Keep on training until you learn to use the tongue so that no topping gets on your face or lips!
  4. Passion kiss
    This one is not for the first date. However, when you two are comfortable with each other, you can try it. First, grab your girlfriend by her waist firmly. Use the other hand to put it on the back of her head and press her face closer to yours. Then kiss her on the mouth with no way to escape. Let her feel your strong arms; move the upper hand down to her back and move the lips down to her chest area, pressing hard and passionate kisses there.
  5. Teeth kiss
    If you know how to use your teeth on her lips and other body parts correctly, you can take your kissing to the next level of passion. However, there is the wrong way of doing it, so be careful! First, you can GENTLY bite her lips or press your teeth against hers. However, no weird sound such as teeth grinding should be heard! Gently is the key word here! You can also use the teeth while kissing her breast or ears. Bite on them and press harder with your lips.
  6. Sucking kiss
    Start with her lips first. You may take one or both of them into your lips and suck. You can suck her ears and other body parts as well. These kisses are very passionate and hot. Do not use them unless you have the time and place to go for more!
  7. Eskimo kiss
    This one does not involve using the lips at all. You use your nose instead and rub it against hers. You can also find her “cat spots” on the neck or back and rub your nose there. It evokes very pleasant sensations.

Now when you know the 7 types of excellent kisses, you should use them. However, there are kisses girls hate. Get armed with this information to avoid making mistakes and being a lousy kisser.

different ways to kiss

  • Pecking
    This might be good for the first or second date. However, if a guy does nothing but pecking, it is aggravating. A woman is ready for more, but he quickly presses his lips to hers and pulls away. Stop it! Linger there. Use your tongue or lips to show the passion. Some men do it just because they are not sure they can kiss well with the tongue. Forget about your worries and just go for it.
  • A dog kiss
    Using your tongue the wrong way. Instead of gently moving it inside her mouth, you lick her lips and cheeks just like a silly puppy. Your saliva gets all over her. Such kisses are no good, especially if you are somewhere out and she wears makeup.
  • Lizard kiss
    You decided to do the French kiss, but the wrong way. You start inserting your tongue in and pulling it out like that snake or a lizard. These quick motions create a funny and awkward feeling. You are not an X-man. So, stop it and get some muffins with the topping!

These tips on kissing her lips, hands, neck and other parts of the body will help you to become the best lover ever! Get some practice and do not forget to ask your girl what she loves the best!

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