How to Be Free in a Relationship – Do’s & Don’ts

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Afraid you’ll lose your freedom in a relationship?

If you’re in a healthy one, you won’t. Still, even in a healthy relationship, you will sometimes feel smothered. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with these do’s & don’ts of how to be free in a relationship.

Don’t Suffocate Each Other

If you know your partner, you can read him or her like a book. You know when your partner is cranky, hungry, and when they’re feeling suffocated. Read your partner’s verbal and/or nonverbal cues and back off when they need more space. And if you’re the partner who needs space, discuss this with your partner. My god, they’re not a mind-reader!

Do Allow “Alone-Time”

While it may sound childish, not only will establishing designated hours of “alone-time” allow you a breather from each other, but picking a specific time will ensure that your partner doesn’t feel like you’re “pulling away.” Choose a few hours each week or day to be spent with yourself. Doing so will make you feel free and balanced.

Don’t Control Each Other

Neither men nor women want to be controlled by their partner (not usually, anyway), because when they are, they feel constricted. Don’t put your guy or gal in jail through commands or rule books. Allow them the freedom to be who they are and do what they want…within limits, of course. What I mean by this is that you shouldn’t tell her how to dress or order him to complete your to-do lists, etc., to the point that your partner starts to feel used and abused.

Do Find Your Own Hobbies

Having your own hobbies will ensure that you’re not doing everything together. This relates, again, to spending some time with yourself, doing the things you’re passionate about. While it’s also nice to have shared hobbies, establishing your own will give you that little bit of freedom you need to stay sane.

Don’t Be Dependent

A true partnership relies on give and take. You shouldn’t be dependent on your partner for everything, nor should you be the partner who is always leaned on. Basically, don’t be anyone’s crutch or expect them to be yours. It’s nice to lean on someone every once in a while and be leaned on, but you should also be an independent individual, entering into an equal partnership.

Do Go Out with Friends

Sometimes it’s easier to stay in when your partner is your friend. You have the best of both worlds, sitting on the couch for a good ol’ Netflix-and-chill. But do go out once in a while with your friend group. Not only will it allow you some freedom from each other, but you also shouldn’t neglect your friends and family just because you’re in a relationship. In the long run, getting into this habit will be healthier for both parties and will establish license to go out with the gals or hang in the mancave.

You don’t have to feel like your guy or gal is the “ol’ ball and chain.” While singledom can look much freer from the other side of the fence, there is freedom to be had in relationships if you mend your own fences.

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