How to Tell If a Girl Likes You – 25 Amazing Signs!

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If you have a crush on a girl, but not sure she loves you back, these signs will help you to figure things out. Most men are unwilling to approach the girl and reveal their true feelings for her unless they know for sure she is into them. So, here we go.

1. She likes you on social media
She shows interest in your posts, photos, likes and comments them regularly and you see her doing it among the first ones on your pages.

2. She talks to you
Often! Women love to talk, but if the girl really likes you, she will come up to talk to your all the time. She enjoys it hugely, and that’s why she does it.

3. She smiles


When you talk, she is not grim or sad. She smiles and tries to stay positive.

4. She touches you
When girls fall for guys they get touchy!

5. She draws nearer to you
Or at least does not pull away, when you draw nearer to her! Run this quick test to see.

6. She plays with her hair
What you two talk, she plays with it a lot. Compare this to how she talks to others. If there is a significantly different, yes, she is into you.

7. She looks at you


Try to catch her at it. Does she look at you when she thinks you do not see it?

8. She turns away, being caught at it
If you catch her glance, she looks away, sort of trying to hide her feelings.

9. She shows much skin
She dresses up for you and wants to look sexy. Her style may change, when she is around you.

10. She uses more makeup
Her hair starts looking nicer, and she uses more makeup when she meets you? It’s a sure sign.

11. She laughs at your jokes


Unless you are the best standup comedy man in town, this is a great sign. All men make stupid jokes time to time. However, if the lady laughs at them, she likes you a lot! Again, run few tests to see. And compare her reaction with that of other women.

12. Her friends know about you
They may even tease you or her on this occasion. This means they know she likes you, and she talks to them about you.

13. She talks sex
She may start a pretty spicy conversation with you or try to head you in this direction. It’s a good sign.

14. She touches her lips
It may mean she is thinking about kissing you. In this case, she does like you!

15. She agrees with you


That’s the way we win the favor of other people. If she does it, you are the man!

16. She tries to be around
You see her often when you show up in places? Good! She may not be there accidentally!

17. She asks many questions
It means she wants to know you better, and she is interested. Women do not just waste time on guys they care nothing for.

18. She tries to be of service to you
She may offer to make your coffee or bring and share sweets with you. She just does something nice to please you!

19. She tells you compliments


Again, she wants you to feel good and special. Women do that to men they like.

20. She pinches you
It’s a part of flirting. She does it often when she talks to your or laughs with you.

21. She is willing to hang out with you
If you ask her out or offer her to have a coffee break with her or something, she happily agrees!

22. She tries to sit or stand closer to you


When you two are with the friends or at a party, she tries to be as close to you as possible most of the time.

23. You two have many topics in common
This means you have that spark that makes people fall in love and feel special.

24. She talks about personal things
She shares things with you or asks for your opinion on them. She also wants you to share with her.

25. She hints she is looking to see you again
She may tell so openly or just hint at it. A great sign the lady likes you a lot.

Each and every one of these on its own means nothing. However, if you see 5 or more of them together, you are a lucky man. The girl you fell for likes you back. And again, signs require interpretation. So, the more of them you get, the easier it becomes to determine whether she likes you or not.

If you are still not sure, start flirting with her. See how she responds to that or withdraw to see if she goes after you, calls or texts you. This is how you can understand how important you are in her life. Understanding women can be tricky, and it is never safe to talk to them about love. There is always a chance of facing rejection or getting it all wrong. You may end up in her friendzone, but risk pays off.

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