Master this List of Biggest Turn-Ons for Women

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How do you compile a list of turn-ons?

If you’re serious about your relationships with women, whether you prefer casual encounters or you’re looking for long-term commitment, you will inevitably have pondered the best turn-ons for girls. It doesn’t really matter if this is a one-night stand or your soulmate you happen to be with, the eternal question of what turns women on applies to every situation. Rather than fumbling around hoping for the best, it would be best to be forewarned, and compile a list of female turn-ons. In no particular order, you could consider attentiveness, keeping her home tidy, attending to little chores and tasks unprompted, right down to the physical side of things. There you have so many options.

Outlining the biggest turn on for girls

Of all the things that turn girls on, taking control in the bedroom comes top of the list. True, it’s all about equality of the sexes these days, but most girls love it when their man makes demands of them rather than coming across as weak and, well, a tad emasculated. Sexual technique is everything, too. When it comes to oral pleasures, the guy being prepared to give his all without expecting anything in return will top any list of turn-ons for a girl. And never consider simply rushing at it, then when your moment has come and gone, turning over and drifting into a snore-heavy slumber. If you want to know how to turn a girl on in a way she’ll be so appreciative of – think sensuality rather than sexy. So lingering kisses and a lot of foreplay.

Identifying good turn-ons for your girl

The trouble with a lot of turn-ons is they are unique. So what might have sent a previous girlfriend into paroxysms of pleasure might well be met with indifference when you try your hand at the same technique with someone else. Here’s a good hint – if you want to know what turns girls on the most, why not step up to the plate and ask? Seriously. When you’re getting all lovey-dovey and smoochy, cuddling together before the physicality notches up a gear, just brush your lips against her ear lobes and whisper what she would like you to do to her. This is a win-win situation. She’ll find the intimate moment a turn on in itself, and she’ll also be inspired to divulge her innermost fantasies. This is one subtle but surefire method of uncovering the sometimes elusive truth about the biggest turn-ons for women.

What turns her on most of all?

When considering the majorturn-onss for girls, it would be worth placing these into some sort of scale. Prioritize accordingly. The more familiar you become with your partner, the easier it will be to have a definitive set of answers regarding what really turns a woman on. At the lower end of the scale, there will be seemingly insignificant actions which will nevertheless, in their own way, give her a warm glow. Opening doors for her. Presenting her with a bouquet of flowers out of the blue. Noticing a new hairstyle or items of clothing. Giving her compliments. Inviting her to a fabulous new restaurant.

Then there are the smaller physical touches. Long before you get anywhere near the bedroom you could approach her as she is trying on an outfit in front of the bedroom mirror, or is applying makeup, then firmly envelop her waist in your arms while you gently kiss the nape of her neck. As you lounge on the couch watching your favorite movie on Netflix, you might hoist her legs onto yours and commence a gentle massage. All these motions are guaranteed to send little goosebumps throughout her body, gradually raising the temperature until she is anticipating the way things could progress.

What turns a woman on about a man?

Remember, relationships are the ultimate example of a mutual, two-way connection. On the one hand, you’ll obviously be eager to ensure your partner is turned on to the best of your abilities. But it would also be thinking about what are some turn ons which you relish being on the receiving end of? Because some common turn ons are liable to give satisfaction to both of you. Perhaps the ultimate expression of this reciprocal pleasure would be the act of love the French refer to as the soixante-neuf. Of course, that’s the tip of an iceberg. Underneath there are countless ways to turn each other on in equal measures.

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